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Classification and application of liquid silicone adhesion

19 Jun 2019

liquid silicone adhesion

In daily life, what we call silicone adhesion has two physical states, namely liquid and solid;Liquid silicone adhesion can flow like water, and has a certain viscosity, density than water, but the flow is not as strong as water;Liquid silicone adhesion in the case of curing agent or catalyst will occur curing reaction, according to different types of liquid silicone adhesion will be solidified into different hardness and performance of solid silicone adhesion;

Liquid silicone adhesion can be divided into:

1. Mold silicone adhesion

Mold liquid silicone adhesion is a new type of mold material. Compared with steel mold, the production efficiency and production cost of silicone adhesion mold have great advantages.Nowadays, mold silicone adhesion has been widely used in the toy gift industry, character reproduction, building decoration industry, unsaturated resin crafts industry.

2, printed silicone adhesion

Pad printing liquid silicone adhesion is used to make pad printing rubber head, mainly used for plastic toys, electroplating products, electronic toys, trademarks, irregular pattern printing.Pad printing rubber head is to make the pattern on the steel plate carrier through rubber head, and then transfer the pattern on the steel plate to the toy products.Pad printing liquid silicone adhesion can be added silicon oil to control the hardness.

3. Electronic sealing silicone adhesion

Liquid silicone adhesion for electronic irrigation and sealing is mainly used for the irrigation and sealing of electronic products. Liquid silicone adhesion for electronic irrigation and sealing can play the role of sealing, waterproof, dust-proof, heat conduction, shockproof and insulation for electronic products.In addition, one is used for LED potting adhesive with high transparency and high refractive index.

4. Hand board silicone adhesion

Liquid silicone adhesion is also known as the first version of silicone adhesion, which is usually used to make hand board model. Compared with hand board oil sludge, hand board liquid silicone adhesion has the characteristics of wear-resisting and strong resilience after curing.

5. Silicone glue

Silicone glue is what we usually call glass glue, it is also a kind of liquid silicone adhesion.In the process of using silicone glue, curing agent is added in disorder. When encountering water molecules in the air, it can solidify into a tough solid, so as to achieve the bonding between glass gaps.The cured silicone adhesive has the characteristics of weather resistance, vibration resistance, moisture resistance, odor resistance and adaptability to large changes in heat and cold.

6. silicone adhesion garment label

Liquid garment label silicone adhesion after curing is we often see the garment manufacturer's silicone adhesion label.Using liquid silicone adhesion to make clothing label has the characteristics of good feel, wear resistance and high production efficiency.

7. High-temperature silicone adhesion

Common high temperature mold silicone mold used for making silicone mold can withstand high temperature between 200~300 degrees Celsius, and used for aviation and bronzing and other industries high temperature liquid silicone curing can work for a long time in 400℃ to 1300℃ environment without changes in performance.

8. Human silicone adhesion

Human silicone adhesion: it is a kind of liquid silicone adhesion with low curing hardness, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and has no adverse effects on human body. Therefore, it can be implanted into human body, and is usually used for making artificial limbs.It can also be used to simulate characters and so on.

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