HTV Silicone Overmold Metal - Silicone Insulator Primer
HTV Silicone Overmold Metal

Product Specification:
Model No. : CL-24S-2PA
Minimum Order Quantity :   1L
Lead Time:7-10 Days
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Silicone Primer CL-24S-2PA

HTV Silicone To Metal (Galvanised Metal)




CL-24S-2PA, Silicone primer is to bond peroxide-cure silicone rubber with substrates like metallics ( Galvanized metal Metal, Carbon steel, Stainless Steel)

which result in tight bond after molding process. 


silicone metal overmolding 

silicone insulator



Product Specifications


Appearance : Shallow yellow liquid or transparent liquid

Adhesion Strength:≥2MPa

Specifical Gravity: 0.75g/cm³


Product Advantage


Good Adhesion Strength 

No bubbles 

Making your silicone products 99% ok 

perfect adhesion strength







1, Treat the substrates with blast sanding, polishing or wash with industrial alcohol.                                                             

2, Brushing, painting, dipping or spraying the CL-24S-2PA on the substrates.                                                                                

3, Leave dry in room temp for 30 minutes or baking at 110-130℃ for 5-15minutes.                                                                   

4, The primer treated substrates are processed within that day.                             

5, The first cure is suitable to DBPH system silicone rubber and the second cure the temperature maximum at 200℃.      




1, Please cap its cover immediately after use to avoid volatilization.                                                                         

2, Store the used and unused adhesive in separate way to lengthen the shelf life.                                                                     

3, After the primer coated on the substrates, leave it volatilize completely before entering the mold, otherwise , 

there will be bubbles in the finished products. 

4, Wash clean the substrates to remove dirts or oil to avoid bad adhesion.                                                                                

5, Flush with water quickly once contacting with eyes accidently during use. 




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