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Measures to reduce aging of composite insulator

01 Aug 2019

composite insulator

What is the function of a line insulator?What are the requirements?

Line insulators are used to support and hang wires and insulate them from cables.

Insulators have the following requirements: they have sufficient dielectric strength, sufficient mechanical strength, resistance to chemical impurities, sufficient resistance, and can adapt to changes in the surrounding atmosphere.

What are the measures to reduce the aging of composite insulator?Measures to reduce aging of composite insulators include:

(1) periodically test the distribution voltage of the composite insulator, and timely replace the composite insulator with zero or low value.

(2) if conditions permit, insulators in composite insulator strings can be exchanged every two years.

(3) sample the leakage current of composite insulators in batches according to different types to prevent the cement packing between steel cap and steel foot of composite insulators from being damped and the insulators from being broken down.

(4) composite insulators that have been in operation for more than 20 years shall be exchanged in batches for ac withstand voltage test or electromechanical combined test samples.

Why are suspension insulators used on transmission lines?

Suspension insulators are widely used because they have high mechanical strength and can be combined to suit various voltage levels as needed.Various mechanical loads of insulator strings.What are the installation rules for suspension insulators?

(1) prevent water accumulation after installation.

(2) the cotter pin should be opened to 60o-90o.After opening the pin should not break, crack, etc., should not use wire or other materials in place of the pin.

(3) the diameter of the closing pin used on the joint must match the diameter of the hole, and the elasticity is moderate.

(4) there shall be no interference at the metal connection of pole wires.Why is there one more insulator string stretched than linear suspension?Insulators on a linear tower go straight down, while those on a stretch tower go horizontal.The insulation performance of horizontal insulators is more likely to be dusted;Rain damage instead of vertical direction.Therefore, the insulation of the stretch-tower is needed.The capacity is higher than that of the linear tower, and the stretched insulator is more likely to be damaged by electromechanical combination loads than by the linear insulator, so the stretched insulator string has more insulators than the linear suspension insulator string.Why do some spans use double insulator strings?Some spans use double insulated substrings to improve span reliability, prevent wires from falling from towers, and threaten the safety of crossings.In addition, double-string insulator strings are also used in this case, since the large-span conductor has a large integrated load over the allowable load of the single-string insulator string.

What should I do to check the composite insulator in operation?

The test items of composite insulator after operation are divided into nondestructive test and destructive test.Sampling testing is usually just nondestructive testing.The projects are as follows:

(1) visual inspection.

(2) working frequency dry flashover test.

(3) working frequency wet flashover test.

(4) water permeability test.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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