Silicone Rubber Surfactant - Silicone Rubber Surfactant
Silicone Rubber Surfactant - Silicone Rubber Surfactant
Silicone Rubber Surfactant

Product Specification:
Model No. : K770
Minimum Order Quantity :   1 Littles
Lead Time:7-10 Days
Payment Terms:   T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Package:   1000ml/bottle , 500ml/bottle
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Silicone Rubber Surfactant K770 


Product Details


K770 is a kind of primer which use to reinforce the bond between silicone rubber to plastic(ABS,PC,PP etc.). This primer are characterized by strong strength, fast curing and low whity once matched with instant glue.




Product Advantage


1, Strong ahesion

2, Long period of activation life

3, Non-yellowing

4, Easy to use



Product Specifications


Appearance:Light yellow


Drying time:300 seconds

Activition time:36H





1, Surface treatment: clean the silicone surface with toluene to remove the Anti-rust oil and mould release agents which presprayed on the silicone-molding moulds.                                                                  

2, When the silicone is in state of incomplete vulcanization, the silicone surface is affected by LMW and it'll lead to poor adhesion.Thus, Post cure  with 180℃ by 45min to get a complete vulcanization.                                                            

3, If the silicone KEY's surface is sprayed with spraying ink, the splash ink will worsen the adhesion. Please acrub with alcohol and acetone before adhesion. 

4, Brushing, painting the K770 on the silicone suraface,  leave dry in room temp for 5minutes.                                          

5, Brush a few instant glue(603/490/601 etc) in the surface of silicone rubber which had been pretreated by the K770, and glue it with another meterial. pressing. (please note over use of glue affects the adhesion)                                       

6, The bonded material is in uniformity in a few minutes, and the adhesion reach the top after 24h        





1, K770 is very easy to volatilize, seal it after use. Store in cool and dry place.                                                     

2, Use cloth(after socked in white gas) to Keep the workbench and brush clean.                                                       

3, Work with figer-cot, don't touch the silicone rubber with primer coating, and use up in 6h                                            

4, K770 is a stimulating primer. Keep ventilation in use, flush with water quickly once contacting with eyes accidently during use and seek medical help.

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