LSR Silicone Overmold PC  - LSR Silicone To PC
LSR Silicone Overmold PC

Product Specification:
Model No. : CL-26AB-25
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Silicone Primer CL-26AB-25 

LSR Silicone overmold onto PC      




CL-26AB-25 is applied for overmold  platinum addition type silicone overmold onto PC,toughened glass ,etc.which result in a tight bond 

after molding processTypical application on silicone diving equipments 

Silicone overmold onto PC 

Silicone overmold onto PC


Product Advantage



Stable Quality 

 3 times repetitive standard tests                                                                                                          

 Making your silicone products 99% ok rates                                                                                                     

HTV silicone primer


                                                  Survive In Rugged Environment

                                                                                           Water resistance, anti-salt mist , 

                                                                                           chemicals resistance, anti-oils, solvent ,etc. 

                                                                               PC Water resistance


Good adhesion Strength 

No partial bonding failure 

No primer trace on finished silicone products

No primer trace for PC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Product Specifications


Color :Transparent Liquid or Gel                

Component:A:Gel , B:Platinum Catalyst

Mixing Ratio:A:B=1:1(Use up within 4hours after mixture)

Storage:6 Months  (20℃-25℃ avoid light ,heat and place in dry area)





1、 Surface Treatment:Chemical treatment with the substrate , remove oil and dust.

2、 Apply The Glue:Mix A and B evenly then apply the primer on the substrates by brusing , dipping , spraying or screen printing

3、 Surface Dry:Heat up with 90℃-130℃ for 10~15minutes。

4、 Leavy Dry:The primer -coated substrates should be forwarded to moulding process with silicone right in the day and avoid pollution and contact with high temperature and humidity.

5、 Curing:Join the silicone with primer coated substrates and forward to moulding process for hot air vulcanization.





1,Keep in dry and shade place and avoid fire and heat  

2,The solvent is volatile,please fasten down the cap after use

3, The steam issued by the solvent is harmful , the working shop should be fireproof and avoid long time inhalation and contact with skins

4,Lightly Cloudy won’t affect the performance.

5,While curing,  the product should avoid contact with organic compound which contain  substance like N, P ,S and heavy metallic

anionic compounds like  Sn、Pb、Hg、Sb、Bi、As and  compounds which contains  acetenyl  Otherwise , the primer will result in bad cure  ,

thus , test for the compatibility of primer with substrates is necessary





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