Silicone rubber to 3M Tapes Adhesion Promoter - 3M Tape Primer
Silicone rubber to 3M Tapes Adhesion Promoter - 3M Tape Primer
Silicone rubber to 3M Tapes Adhesion P...

Product Specification:
Model No. : CL-14A-2
Minimum Order Quantity :   5 Little
Lead Time:7-10 Days
Payment Terms:   T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Package:   1L/Bottle, 3KGS/Bottle, 10KGS/Bottle
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Silicone rubber to 3M Tapes Adhesion Promoter

Reinforce the adhesion of silicone with double side tapes


CL-14A-2 one component, it’s a surfactant for sticking silicone rubber with double side tapes and adhesives stickers.With such primer, you can take advantage of 3M tapes. You can promote adhesion and increase bond strength on such difficult surfaces as silicone rubber. After brushing this primer on the silicone surface which can be glued as preferable with double side tapes. It dries quickly for fast tape application.


CL-14A-2 : Colorless transparent liquid 

Ratio(water=1): 0.8

Solid content(baking at 150℃ for 4hours: 10%-15%

Room TEM dry time(Winter): 10-30 minutes

Room TEM dry time(Summer): 5-10 minutes

Storage: Keep the product sealed and stored at <25℃ away from light and heat, shelf life for 6 months

Peel strength: Destroy the double side tape when peeling the Silicone of less 50 shore hardness from specific double side tape.


1, Surface treatment: clean the silicone surface with toluene             

2, Brushing: painting or spraying the CL-14A-2 on the silicone surfaces. Leave dry in room temp for 3-10 minutes. Please keep it clean                                   

3, Attach the silicone surface to double side tape, press it with roller. The bonding strength will be 70% complete for 1 hour and reach the maximum after 24hours.


1, Keep far away from the heat and fire                                                                  

2, Store in cool and dry place

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TDS: CL-14A-2