HTV Silicone Overmold Glass - HTV Silicone To Glass
HTV Silicone Overmold Glass - HTV Silicone To Glass
HTV Silicone Overmold Glass

Product Specification:
Model No. : CL-26AB-8
Minimum Order Quantity :   2KGS
Lead Time:5-7 Days
Payment Terms:   T/T , Western Union , Paypal
Package:   1KG/Bottle
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Silicone Primer CL-26AB-8 
HTV Silicone To Glass


Product Details

CL-26AB-8, Silicone primer, is mainly to bond platinum curing agent-added HTV /LSR silicone with PA(Nylon), Metallics, Polyester, PET, Bakelite, Epoxy, FRP(Fibre glass) etc.


          Typical Case : HTV Silicone overmolding Glass

Product Advantage

Good adhesion Strength 

                                                                              4 Hours water- boiling Tests 


No primer trace on finished silicone products 



                                                                            Waterproof Function 

Product Specifications

Appearance:Transparent or Pasty gel  


Solvent:Component solvent          


Specifical gravity  : 0.95 g/cm3

Shelf life:Six months without cover opened(25℃).


1,Coating the CL-26AB-8 on the edge of the glass 

2,Direct the LSR silicone on the edge the glass in the injection moulding machine ,

 apply 120~180℃ degrees for 1-3 minutes to vulcanize the silicone rubber .

3,Trim the rough edges and wash clean the glass covers 

4, Place the glass covers in the ovens , apply 180~220℃  for 1- 2 hours , a silicone glass cover is done made . 



1, Please cap its cover immediately after use to avoid volatilization.          

2, Store the used and unused adhesive in separate way to lengthen the shelf life.                           

3, After the primer coated on the substrates, leave it volatilize completely before entering the mold, otherwise, there will be bubbles in the finished products 

4, Wash clean the substrates to remove dirts or oil to avoid bad adhesion.                                           

5, The PA substrates is water-absorbent,  it must be dried up before molding with silicone. Better bake with 150 degrees for 1-2hours.

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TDS: CL-26AB-8