LSR Silicone Overmold PBT - LSR Silicone To PBT
LSR Silicone Overmold PBT - LSR Silicone To PBT
LSR Silicone Overmold PBT

Product Specification:
Model No. : CL-26AB-15
Minimum Order Quantity :   2KGS
Lead Time:7-10 Days
Payment Terms:   T/T ,Paypal ,Western Union
Package:   1KG
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Silicone Primer CL-26A/B-15
LSR Silicone overmold onto PBT




Two component liquid primer, which is applied for liquid silicone cured silicone rubber or addition curing silicone rubber overmold  PC(Polycarbonate),

tempered glass and other hard materials.



Product Advantage


General use 

The primer applied for bonding 

many kinds of mixed silicone and rubber,

including once vulcanization 

and second vulcanization of silicone rubber material.  


                                                                                                                       Easy processing 

                                                                                                                        Double component, single coating, simple process.




Survive In Rugged Environment

Water resistance, anti-salt mist , 

chemicals resistance, anti-oils, solvent ,etc. 




Product Specifications


Appearance:Transparent or Pasty    

Component:A:Colloid  B:Platinum catalyst

Solvent:Component solvent

Application Ratio: A:B=100:6 or A:B=100:8                      

Shelf life:Six months without cover opened.





1, Surface Treatment: The surface should be cleaned or degreased by chemical cleaning agent.

2, Coating Method: Firstly, Thoroughly mixed A and B, and then painting, dipping, spraying or printing.

3, Drying condition:

A:B=100:6 cured under130℃ for 5-10 minutes

A:B=100:8 cured at room temperature for 1 hour.

4, Temporary Storage:All the products which coated should be use within 24 hours, If the stored place away from pollution and high temperature 

or wet air, they can be stored within 3 days.

5, Bonding Method: Silicone raw material gluing with other material should be molded at high temperature or hot air vulcanization.





1,Storage at a cool place and far away from heat and open flame.

2,Solvent is volatile, please cover the container tightly when it is done.

3,The workplace should be ventilated and avoided fire. Prevent breathing or contacting with the skin for a long time.







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