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silicone pressure sensitive adhesive

08 May 2017

silicone pressure sensitive adhesive

SPA is the brief name of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. Comparing with inorganic silicon pressure sensitive adhesive, most adhesives are liquid silicone adhesives. Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturer Kanglibang, non-equeous, IOS&Rohs grade silicone adhesive KL-6634 can be curing at a high temperaturer and can be bonding for maer than 2000 times.


Inorganic silicon pressure sensitive adhesive, is a pressure sensitive silicone primer producing based on organic silicon resin. It is high and low temperature resistance and could be bonding repeadly. As a silicone primer, Inorganic silicon pressure sensitive adhesive can be used in PET/PI adhesive tape, dressing for medical, nude bra tape, etc.

High temperature curing silicone pressure sensitive adhesive

In April last year, a underwear factory at dongguan searching silicone pressure sensitive adhesive manufacture, they need a new cordless underwear material that could achieve the adhesive sticky and repeatedly sticking, then stickon the non-woven substrate coated pressure sensitive adhesive around 0.5 mm onto the materials. They comparing with biological adhesive and hot melt adhesive, but customers right or not satisfied, and finally locked in high temperature curing silicone pressure sensitive adhesive KL - 6634AB which just baking at 90℃ for 9 minutes. For skin closing, non-toxic, and environmental protection index are better than that of several other proofing after testing. So they purchase the silicone bra pressure sensitive adhesive more than once.


KL-6634AB is a fast curing silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, which has good adhesion with silica gel, TPU and other substrates. The adhesive has good flow stability before curing, has excellent electrical insulation and high transparency after curing, and excellent surface stripping force.

The silicone pressure sensitive adhesive contact with the skin can be more than 2000 times. Easy to clean. When the surface stains, wash with detergent and then rinse with clean water can be.

Typical application: scar paste, Antipyretic paste, health care paste, mobile phone protective paste, invisible bra, silicone protective paste, etc.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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