HTV silicone adhesive for nubra - Silicone Bra Adhesive
HTV silicone adhesive for nubra - Silicone Bra Adhesive
HTV silicone adhesive for nubra

Heating curing,two components, addition type pressure sensitive silicone adhesive.

Product Specification:
Model No. : KL-6634AB
Minimum Order Quantity :   2KG
Lead Time:5-7 days
Payment Terms:   T/T , Western Union ,Paypal
Package:   1KG/Bottle , 20KG/Barrel
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HTV silicone adhesive for nubra






※Cloth bra, silicone bra

※Medical adhesive tape 

※Medical scar patch


Product Advantage


Close to skin feeling


skin feeling silicone adhesive


                                                                    Friendly to contact skin                                                                                                                                                                                                                   woman self bonding bra


Persistent pressure sensitive performance,  

Repetitive use      


women bra        

                                                                                                                                                                                              Short heat curing time


                                                                cured at high temperature                                                                                                  


Product Specifications


Appearance   KL-6634A :  Transparent colloid

Appearance   KL-6634B:   Transparent colloid

Viscosity (25℃ 60%) KL-6634A :  20000-50000mpa.s

Viscosity (25℃ 60%) KL-6634B:  20000-50000mpa.s

Curing Condition : 80 ℃ procuring for 5 minutes,  then 120 ℃ curing for 10 minutes

Specific Gravity: 0.98


Storage:Shelf life for 6 months, stored below 25℃ without mixing




1, Weigh: Based on the weight ratio A:B=1:1 by using electronic scale to determine the adhesive weight.                                                    

2, Mixing: Using clean stir tool to stir,scrape,then stir evenly.                                 

3, Brush adhesive 1 to 3 times. The time interval is 2 hours each brush                                                                                    

4, High temperature curing : Baking the adhesive at 120℃ for 10 minutes in oven to cure, then take out and cool it down.                       

5, Test finished products: Test viscosity by hand touch,qualified product is covered with release soft thin film to avoid dust.





1, The operation time of mixture silicone adhesive is 40 minutes under standard conditions.                        

2, Do contact with the N/P/S/As/Pb/Sn and Bi etc. element. Otherwise, it will cause bad curing of silicone adhesive.                                             3, If to coat the silicone adhesive on the TPU film/silicone substrates/non-woven fabrics, we should use the primer P-46AB, the P-46AB treated substrates is baked to dry at 90℃ for 60 seconds.                                           





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