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With what material can silicone glue be used for bonding

03 Mar 2020

Research and development of a wide range of products product quality reliable, bonding firm, the use of a very wide range.

It is used in electronic appliances, silicone rubber products, optoelectronics, plastic toys, adult sex toys, hardware, craft gifts, first jewelry, printing and packaging industries.

silicone rubber products

In general, silica gel glue can be bonded to metal, silica gel to plastic, silica gel to ceramic, silica gel to glass, silica gel to cloth, silica gel to silica gel, silica gel to special materials, then the advantages of silica gel glue:

Silicone glue the biggest advantages is the glial soft and transmission of light is very good, good light penetration in advance is color is transparent, transparent silicone glue is commonly used in silicone adhesive is more, naisuanjian corrosion, with silicone glue for outdoor products also have very good effect, it is divided into one-component silicone glue and a two-component silicone glue, can be high temperature resistant, generally around 300 degrees, according to the product of adhesive and curing time area, small area ten minutes solidification, the large area is a little bit longer.

Silicone glue faults: the faults mainly for large area of adhesive products, large area of adhesive curing time will be longer, but this is small problems, do not affect its quality, the soft silicone glue, for sealing effect is very good customer friends can only choose to epoxy resin AB glue, defects are relative to the customer demand and decide.

KANGLIBANG is to creat solution for your problem with bonding silicone, welcome customer inquiry to us.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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