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What glue is used for silicone rubber insulating sleeves

01 Apr 2020

Transmission and distribution substations are important units for the safety of power transmission. Generally, insulation protection measures are required at electrical nodes. Silicone tubes and insulation sheaths made of silicone rubber can provide excellent insulation protection for electrical contacts. What glue is used for insulating silicone rubber sleeves? [Kang Libang] KN-300 Silicone Glue is a kind of silica gel, epoxy resin, and galvanized metal.

Silicone rubber sleeve advantages

The raw materials are made of silicone rubber, which is made of high-temperature resistant polymer materials and high-quality silicone rubber. This type of insulation sleeve is mostly used in insulators, arresters and cable accessories. Among them, there are two solutions of hot vulcanized silicone glue integrated molding at high temperature and silicone rubber sleeve bonding at normal temperature.

The kind of insulation sleeve is good

A silicone rubber sheath can be distinguished with the naked eye. Can be viewed from the following three aspects.

① Physical appearance, color, permeability, toughness, etc. The high-quality insulation sheath is made by strict high-temperature vulcanization process, so that the product can achieve properties such as never-changing shape, high flexibility, and high tearability.

② Look at the process: rigorous process and production process can produce qualified products that meet the requirements of UV resistance, strong hydrophobicity, aging resistance, and long-term outdoor operation. Otherwise, the omissions and missing technologies in any link will cause the product to fail to meet national standards, produce substandard products, and cause major safety risks to the insulation protection of substations, with serious consequences.

③ Decided that the silicone rubber insulation sleeve also needs to see the glue bonding to the two substrates. This is the core technology. Kang Libang provides two solutions of CL-24 heat curing glue / RTV silicone glue.

How to choose silicone rubber insulation sleeve:

1: Silicone material is transparent, good gloss, good silicone product.

2: Comparison of product flexibility, good silicone rubber sheath product

3: Suitable Silicone Insulation Sheath Adhesive

Silicone rubber sheath production

Silicone rubber sheath production process:

①Feeding: weighing process

② Molding: Fully braked mold release process (which is divided into silicone molding or silicone and metal epoxy resin composite molding, of which two substrates are molded by molding and need to be used in conjunction with Kang Libang PRIMER to bond two materials)

③ Grinding: The trimming and grinding process after the product is released, in which the liquid silicone injection molding has less burrs. This step can be omitted.

④Quality inspection: After quality inspection and high-pressure test sampling inspection, issue the certificate of conformity

⑤ Adhesion: a. For mold-molded pure silicone sleeves, RTV silicone glue is used to bond conductive metal galvanized materials together at room temperature. b. Silica gel metal and silicone epoxy composite products are directly packaged.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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