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What glue and solution does silicone bond ABS epoxy resin

29 Oct 2019

ABS plastic and silica gel are more and more used in the same product, ABS is hard plastic, silica gel is a kind of surface inert elastomer, how to make these two materials firmly bonded together becomes a production bonding problem.

High bonding strength, easy to operate, environmental non-toxic glue can save a lot of labor cost and production cost, factory based on the two glue adhesive silicone and ABS, for example, a quick dry type 603 can also be bonding metal, applicable to small area of the silicone glue ABS, it has the advantage of fast positioning, high bonding strength, weakness would have been improper operation of bleaching.

A slow - drying glue, suitable for large areas of ABS adhesive silicone.

Its advantages are transparent, odorless and elastic.

Adhesion ABS plastic is very difficult to solve the problem, how to solve the problem of ABS plastic adhesion, kanglibang provides the following adhesion scheme, can achieve the effect of adhesion ABS plastic.

ABS plastic and ABS plastic self-adhesive problem

In the manufacture of plastic products such as ABS plastic crafts and plastic toys, ABS plastic is a more active plastic, the use of adhesive bonding problem is relatively easy.

1. Use professional solvent-based ABS adhesive

Change the principle of glue, so that ABS dissolve, and play the effect of mutual integration, glue liquid after all solidified

The adhesive bond is tight and strong, but this method is only suitable for the self-adhesive between ABS and ABS.

2. Use modified acrylate AB glue for bonding

The characteristics of modified acrylate AB glue are fast curing, wide range of applications, ABS materials can be bonded

To a very good effect, but relative to the ABS professional glue, its disadvantage is that the two-component AB glue does not have a single component ABS special glue use inconvenience.

3, instant glue can also stick to ABS, but it is recommended that you do not use, because many ABS plastic materials contain

Impurities, with instant bonding may produce cracking problems.

4. Cl-24s-2PA epoxy resin glue is used to bond ABS plastic, but the curing speed of epoxy resin glue is slower than that of modified acrylate AB glue.

Second, ABS plastic and other materials of mutual bonding

1. What glue shall ABS and active metal bond with each other?

Use modified acrylate AB glue can be bonded, and bonding strength is high, if feel modified propylene

Acid ester AB glue has a smell, if there is no need for curing time, you can also use epoxy resin glue adhesion, because epoxy resin glue than modified acrylate AB glue curing time is slower.

2,ABS and active plastic adhesion, such as ABS adhesion PC,ABS adhesion PVC,ABS adhesion nylon and other materials.

It can be bonded with a single component of ABS plastic, and the curing time reaches the highest strength in 24 hours.

ABS and inactive plastics.

Such as ABS stick PP, ABS stick PE, etc.

Single-component cl-24s-2 special plastic glue can be used for bonding, and the curing time reaches the highest strength in 24 hours

KANGLIBANG is to creat solution for your problem with bonding silicone, welcome customer inquiry to us.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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