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Silicone rubber roller coating process

12 Nov 2019

In general, the processing of silicone rubber roller cladding refers to that the customer provides the core of the cots or the cots factory processes the core itself, and then the core is coated, vulcanized and polished, and the cots are processed to the required size, color and hardness according to the customer's requirements.

silicone rubber roller cladding

The process of rubber roller packaging needs to go through several processes:

1, cleaning cots core, if it is a new cots core need to clean the surface of the oil, such as cleaning agent, if it is the old cots core, need to remove the outer layer of the old cots coating, and use cleaning agent to clean the remaining glue on the core surface.

2, cots iron core surface rough treatment;

The surface of the iron core is roughened to enhance the bonding area between the surface of the rubber roller and the coating.

3. Sandblasting;

The rough treated iron core will be sandblasted, sandblasted according to the material of the rubber roller iron core will choose different properties of sand for processing, sandblasted is to make the surface of the rubber roller more rough, glue and iron core adhesion is better.

4. Wrap glue.

Brush silicone rubber adhesive, after the treatment of the rubber roller core according to customer requirements for packaging, packaging materials to achieve different requirements, rubber roller vulcanization;

The rubber roller after the coating generally needs curing time. After curing, the iron core of the rubber roller will be closely bonded with the coating, and a rubber roller will be established.

5. Grinding cots;

According to the size and shape of customer requirements to polish, some customers have higher requirements on the surface of cots, need to use CNC grinder mirror grinding costs.

The industry used cots are plastic pelleting factory, blowing film, printing machine, paper mill, PVC sheet, textile factory, printer, cigarette packaging factory, high-grade bottle packaging and so on.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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