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Silicone auto parts common problems!

03 Sep 2019

Recently, more and more silicone auto parts are produced, with the production of this type of products, the manufacturers have encountered the most problems, today we will introduce one of the common process -- unformed silicone and iron plating hardware in the mold together with hot vulcanization problems;

The analysis of non-stick or partially non-stick products produced by molding or injection is as follows:

A. After buying the hardware, we did not carry out oil removal treatment in the early stage (just apply silicone glue (silicone primer)). As we all know, the surface of hardware has oil when it is electroplated;

B. After the surface of the hardware is coated with silicone glue (silicone primer), it is not cool for 30 minutes or baked at medium temperature (100~130°C) and directly put on the machine for molding;

C. The surface of hardware is not galvanized or nickel-plated, but chrome plated. Chrome is a refractory material.

D, hardware surface too smooth, everyone knows we climb a wall of the smooth surface, the more difficult for us to climb, in the same way on the surface of the silicone with metal crosslinking time is its chemical reactions, the greater the surface area of the crosslinking adhesive fastness is stronger, so as long as the surface sandblasting, hydrochloric acid for hardware processing in besmear to brush the silicone glue, silicone treatment agent);

  1. The silicone glue or silicone treating agent chosen is not corresponding. As we all know, doctors treat diseases only by treating the disease according to the specific conditions can they work quickly.Replace it with the corresponding silicone glue (silicone treating agent).
  2. silicone treating agent

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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