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Liquid silicone rubber adhesion molding method

18 Jun 2019

Liquid silicone adhesion

Liquid silicone adhesion should eventually solidify into a strong and flexible silicone rubber.The process from liquid to solid is called liquid silicone molding.Liquid silicone adhesion can be divided into liquid silicone adhesion bonding, liquid silicone adhesion irrigation, liquid silicone adhesion mold and liquid silicone adhesion products.Different liquid siloxane molding methods are different.

Bonded silicone adhesion does not need to form a fixed shape.The adhesive function can be achieved by applying silicone resin to the surface to be bonded by distributor or by hand.Low viscosity potting liquid silicone adhesion can remove foam by itself.It can be solidified into a product for solidification molding.If it does not defroth automatically, it needs to be vacuumed, the bubbles removed and then sealed.Some sealed liquid organosilicon requires high temperature heating to solidify.

The mold is formed by liquid silicone adhesion, which is similar to filling silicone with potting.Just make a simple mold and inject silicone adhesion.The brush mold is obtained by defoaming the liquid silicone adhesion and then brushing it on the master mold and curing it.

The molding method of liquid siloxane for silicone products is relatively complex, mainly because siloxane products usually require physical properties, so the viscosity of liquid silicone adhesion used is high, and processing and molding will be difficult.Most products will add liquid silicone adhesion that needs to be heated.Prior to molding silicone products, a mold is needed and a vacuum liquid silicone adhesion is poured into the mold, which is then heated and solidified.For high viscosity liquid silicone adhesions, injection molding requires an injection molding machine.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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