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Is there a kind of silicone viscose that can stick to both plastics and metals?

16 Sep 2019

12 years of professional research and development of silicone glue manufacturers - shenzhen kanglibang; stick to both plastics and metals

stick to both plastics and metals

There is a cl-26ab-8 product, which can realize the vulcanization of unformed silica gel, plastic and metal in the mold.

Cl-26ab-8 is suitable for liquid silicone rubber, PET, PC, nylon, metal, tempered glass and other hard base materials hot curing adhesive.


1.It has good bonding effect on PET with liquid silicone rubber.

2.Two components, single coating, simple process.

3.Adhesive can withstand water, salt spray, chemicals, grease, solvents and other harsh environment.


Colour: transparent liquid or gel

Composition: A: colloid B: colloid

Example: A: B= 1:1

Solvent: mixed solvent

Storage period: 3 months without open container (25℃)


1, surface treatment: the substrate with solvent chemical treatment, remove oil and dust.

2. Glue coating: apply the AB two-component mixture with brush or dip method, spray method or screen printing after mixing evenly.

3. Drying: dry at 130℃ for 3 minutes.

4, stop: glue as soon as possible after the glue, the best day to complete.

If avoid pollution and contact with high temperature and humidity air, it can be parked for no more than 3 days.

5, sulfurization: after the liquid silicone rubber is evenly mixed, roll pressure or hot air vulcanization bonding with the base material.


1. Use up the mixture of AB components as soon as possible, and set time shall not exceed 12 hours.

2. Store in a cool place in a dry bath, away from heat source and open fire.

3. The solvent is volatile, please cover the container tightly after use.

4. Fire prevention and ventilation should be adopted in the workplace to prevent long-term inhalation or long-term skin contact.

Packing: 1*3kg/ drum 1*10kg/ drum

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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