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Application scope of silicone adhesive

11 Sep 2019

Silicone adhesive is especially suitable for the bonding of Silicone bond Silicone, silica seal ring, Silicone bar, Silicone and metal, plastic, glass, wood and other materials;

Conlipon silicone gel adhesive single component, food grade, semi-transparent paste like room temperature curing adhesive, no whitening after curing, high performance elastomer.

It is resistant to heat and cold, aging, washing, shock, high temperature and electrical insulation, and has good adhesion to most Silicone, plastic, metal and non-metallic materials.

Environmental protection index: ROHS, FDA certification!

Silicone bond Silicone

Silicone adhesive product features

1. Silicone adhesive is a high strength silicone adhesive made of imported silicone main body, defoaming agent, leveling agent, curing agent and other high molecular materials.

2. Easy operation, both manual and mechanical sizing, providing you with operation convenience;

3. Single component, normal temperature curing, for you to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs;

4. Silicone bar glue has excellent moisture-proof and dust-proof properties, providing protection for bonding products;

5. Silicone adhesive has excellent electrical insulation properties, providing security for bonding products;

6. High strength - strong adhesion, providing stability for bonding products and improving the qualified rate of products;

7. Shockproof - elastic after curing, providing a good quality guarantee for the use and transportation of adhesive products;

8. Silicone adhesive has excellent uv resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance, providing multiple guarantees for the stability of adhesive products;

9. No solvent, no corrosion, safe and environmental protection, providing safe and assured guarantee for the use of adhesive products.

Usage of silicone adhesive

1. Clean the surface: clean the sticky or coated surface and remove rust, dust and grease.

2. Sizing: unscrew (or cut) the cap of the hose, squeeze the glue solution to the cleaned surface, make it evenly distributed, and then close and fix the adhesive surface.

3. Curing: place the parts that have been glued or sealed in the air and let them solidify naturally.

Curing process is a process from surface to the internal curing, within 24 hours (at room temperature and 55% relative humidity) will cure the depth of the 2 ~ 4 mm, if the glue position is deeper, especially it is not easy to come into contact with the part of the air, completely curing time will be extended, if the temperature is low, curing time will be extended, 6 mm thick sealant cured more than 7 days time.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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