Silicone Rubber To Silicone Rubber  - Silicone Rubber To Silicone Rubber
Silicone Rubber To Silicone Rubber  - Silicone Rubber To Silicone Rubber
Silicone Rubber To Silicone Rubber

Product Specification:
Model No. : KN-300X
Minimum Order Quantity :   5 Pieces
Lead Time:7-10 Days
Payment Terms:   T/T , Paypal ,Western Union
Package:   100g/Piece, 330g/Piece
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RTV Silicone Rubber Glue   KN-300X

Bonding Silicone Rubber To Silicone Rubber 

Product Details

RTV adhesive KN-300X one component, ready-to-use adhesive sealants are extremely versatile. It cures to be silicone rubber at room temperature by exposure to ambient moisture to form a tough, elastic bond between cured type of silicone rubbers as preferably

RTV adhesive KN-300X are standard strength paste consistency which can be applied to bond silicone  to Silicone, Silicone to nylon, glass, clothes,plastic and so on. It’s characterized by temperature resistance (-60~200℃), ozone resistance, UV-Resistance and electrical insulating property.

Product Advantage

FDA Complaince (Food & Medical Grade)

Food And Medical Grade

                         Once KN-300X is cured ,

                            it's also elastic silicone rubber.

                          Silicone Polymer

                                              Notes: The photo shows the cured glue of KN-300 series  

                                       No Whity, No getting hardened after the KN-300X cured

                                                   99% of OK Rate. 

                                                                                   RTV adhesive

Bonding Strength

Tear to break silicone rubber

Glue amount drops to 75% , Bonding effect 30% higher


Product Specifications

Physical properties

Appearance: Colorless and semi-transparent gel

Viscosity: 60kg/cm²

Elongation: 300%


Usage One: Silicone rubber to silicone rubber at room temperature.

1, Cleaning: Cleaning the bonding surface.

2, Gluing: The distribution of the silicone glue on bonding surface had to be even and less than 5mm

3, Pressing: More than 120 munites of pressing, The glue reaches complete cure after 24 hours at 25℃.

Usage TWO: Silicone rubber to plastic at room temperature

1, Cleaning: Cleaning the bonding surface with toluene or absolute ethyl alcohol.

2, Activating: Brushing fewer adhesive(CL-24J) on the cleaned surface. (single brushing is enough)

3, Curing: Curing at room temperature for 30minutes

4, Gluing: After adhesive cured, Brushing KN-300X on the bonding surface, pressing over 120minutes,Absolutely cured after 24 hours at 25℃


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