silicone adhesive of friendly to skin  - Silicone Bra Adhesive
silicone adhesive of friendly to skin

Room temperature moisture cured, three components, condensation type pressure sensitive silicone adhesive

Product Specification:
Model No. : KL-6638ABC
Minimum Order Quantity :   2KG
Lead Time:5-7 days
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Package:   1KG/Bottle, 20KG/Barrel
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silicone adhesive of friendly to skin





※Fabric bras

※Fever cooling patch

※Auxiliary material TPU patch



Product Advantage


Close to skin feeling


skin feeling silicone adhesive



                                                                                                             Friendly to contact skin

                                                                                                                                                                                           woman self bonding bra 


Persistent pressure sensitive performance  

Repetitive use   



women bra



                                                               Room Temperature Vulcanization

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            cured at room temperature 


Product Specifications


Appearance   KL-6638A:   Transparent colloid

Appearance   KL-6634B:    Semitransparent liquid

Appearance   KL-6634C:    Transparent liquid          

Viscosity (25℃ 60%) KL-6638A :   20000-50000mpa.s

Curing Condition: Room temperature vulcanization and  avoid high temperature and high humidity environment

Specific Gravity : 0.98



Shelf life for 6 months, stored below 25℃ without mixing





1, Weigh: Based on the weight ratio A:B:C=100:1.5:1.5 by using electronic scale to determine adhesive weight.

2, Mixing: Using clean stir tool to stir,scrape,then stir evenly.   (key step)  

3, Brush the adhesive 1 to 3 times. The time interval is 2 hours each brush. 

4, Room temperature curing : The curing time is 12 hours at temperature 25℃ and humidity 60%. 

5, Test finished products: Test viscosity  by hand touch,qualified product is then covered  with  release soft thin film to avoid dust.





1, The operation time of the mixed  silicone adhesive is 20 minutes under standard conditions. 

2, If the coated substrates is TPU or silicone rubber, The use of primer  P-24 is necessary, the primer coated substrates is baked to dry at 90℃ for 60 seconds.           







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