KL-2610B - Processing-products Protective Film Adhesive

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Phone Screen Protective Film Adhesive KL-2610B





KL-2610B is a heat and fast cured type of Liquid addition silicone adhesives,  it matched with platinum catalysts P4000, tackfier KL-298 and KL-6600 in use, spared from the use of base coating agent, good flowing capability before cured ,The cured silicone adhesive has a good adhesion to stick with PET base material and improve the surface Stripping Resistance. After cured,the adhesives had excellent adhesion, high grade of transparency, good air dispersing capacity , no adhesive residue, high temperature and high humidity resistance, can directly replace the same level products of Dow Corning and KCC products.


Mainly applied to the computer display screen, mobile phone screen protector, PET touch screen film series.Can be coated to PET film by lamination machine.


PSA adhesive for PET film



Reusable for PET film

The PET Film can peel off 

frequently from the protective surface.

PET film


                                            Customised peeling (force) adhesion

                                                                             Adjustable peeling strength at 0~ 1200g , spare from primering base 

                                                                             Precise concoction of peeling adhesion

                                                                             Low peeling adhesion easy peel , high absorbing properties

                                                                             Customised Peel adhesion PSA Silicone Adhesive


Zero silicone transfer

No adhesive residue ,Zero silicone transfer in full weather

No adhesive remains 


                                                 Double 85 tests 

                                                                                      Peel adhesion don't grow heavier in high temperature & High humidity condition  

                                                                                      Products quality more stable ,easy rework , no adhesive remains ,weather resistance

                                                                                      The supplier for Apple , Huawei.




Appearance And Component:

2610B: Transparent silica gel

P4000:Platinum catalysts

KL-298: Tackifier(Increase the adhesion between silicone adhesive with PET)

KL-6600: High adhesion PSA silicone adhesives(Increase the surface stripping resistace /Peel adhesion)


Viscosity:                             <35000mpa.s

Solid Content:                      60%

Curing Condition:                    TC10:19S*150℃


Stored Condition:                    Room temperature

Light Transmittance:                94%

Refractive index (sodium yellow light wavelength 5893 10 ^ - 10 meters)  : 1.48

Storage:Stored at room temperature for 6 months without mixing.





(For example, coated 10 microns stripping force 3g/25 mm)


1.Dented roller coating method:Solid content 24% ,mixing in uniformity with solvent by a weight ratio of P4000:2610B:KL-298:6600:Solvent =1:200:10:40:340

Comma Knife coating method:Solid content 35% ,mixing in uniformity with solvent by a weight ratio of P4000:2610B:KL-298:6600:Solvent=1:200:10:40:160

2. Taking material according to proportion, firstly mix KL-298 with solvent evenly ,orderly followed by 6600→2610B→P4000, thoroughly mixture for 20 minutes

3. Defoaming treatment with vacuum by requirements. Coating uniformity of silicone adhesive on the silicone or PET film surface by coating method.

4. Curing : (Example:coating thickness: 10μm) baking for 1 minutes at 130℃.


Production coating method for reference


Set the oven temperature as from 90 ℃ to 160 ℃ to 140 ℃, The baking time and temperature is adjusted according to the coating quantity,the adhesive thickness of the coating when 10μm, glue baking time control between 50 to 60 seconds ,the adhesive thickness of the coating when 20 microns,glue baking time should be controlled in 100 ~ 120 seconds is advisable.Please change according to the specific equipment and operation method.





1,The solvent is better to choose mixed solvent,Such as xylene:acetic ether:cyclohexanone=80:15:5 or toluene:butanone=1:1

2,The application ratio should be adjusted appropriate to different materials, the thickness of coating and weather conditions (temperature and humidness). The application ratio should be increase platinum catalysts 5%~10% based raw ratio at hot and humid conditions.      

3, KL - 298 is volatile,for a long time place will thicken,in use process need to adjust the adding proportion according to the proportion of volatile,otherwise the stripping force will increase .

4,The base material surface by adhesive through corona treatment,Cleaning base materials and keep it dry, no dust and oil.

5,Controlling and checking the viscosity during the coating process. Pay attention to have enough  quantity for once and make it deeply cured.

6,Keep in a good and suitable condition for coating. The working shop should be dust-free at 25~35℃ and humidity controlled in 15 ~ 60%.Too much dust will cause adverse, Low over temperature will cause poor flow flat  and adhesion strength decline , Large over humidity will cause shrinkage cavity of film. Low over humidity of the electrostatic potential safety hazard,appear on the surface of white and moire phenomenon.

7,The mixed silicone adhesive should be used up within 6 hours, if high viscosity happens,should stop using.

8,The adhesive after mixture containing volatile solvent,the work place should be ventilated and workers should wear labor protection tools during the coating process. Away from flame, high temperature and pay attention to static electricity.

9,Please read the product safety instructions before use.









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TDS: KL-2610B


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