Silicone Rubber To ABS  - Silicone Rubber To Plastics
Silicone Rubber To ABS  - Silicone Rubber To Plastics
Silicone Rubber To ABS

Product Specification:
Model No. : KN-300B
Minimum Order Quantity :   5 Pieces
Lead Time:7-10 Days
Payment Terms:   T/T ,Paypal , Western Union
Package:   100ml/Piece
Tel: +86.755.8147.8876
Fax: +86.755.8147.8872

RTV Silicone Rubber Glue KN-300B 

Silicone Rubber To ABS 

Product Details

KN-300B is silicone adhesive which is used for the cured silicone bonding with metal, glass, ceramic tile, plastic, alloy or other materials. KN-300B is high and low temperature resistance(-50~200℃), weather resistance, excellent bonding, fixation, sealing, insulation, moistureproof, shakeproof, ageing resistant etc. 

Product Specifications

Appearance: White paste

Specifical gravity 25℃: 1.1~1.2
Viscosity: 120000 mPa.S
Elongation: 350~400% 
Hardness: 40~50A
Tensile Strength kgf/cm 2: 20-30
Volumn resistivity Ωcm: ≥3×10
Strength of break down voltage kv/mm:18~25 

Dielectrical loss 1MHZ: ≤4×10-3

Product Advantage

Bonding Strength

The Silicone rubber is damaged

when break off the bonding units

Glue amount drops to 75% , Bonding effect 30% higher

 good bonding Strength                                                                                 

                                                   No Whity ,No getting hardened 

                                                                                          after the KN-300X cured 

                                                                                         KN-300 Series


Withstand water boiling tests 

Withstand water boiling tests

                                                                Good Sealing function 

                                                                                                                Once KN-300X is cured , it's silicone elasticity 

                                                                                                                which is electrical insulation,vibration absorbant.

                                                                                                                silicone elasticity                                     


1, Cleaning material surface for bonding. Metal surface is defatted treatment clean. Plastic is cleaned by absolute ethyl alcohol.                                             

2, Coating adhesive thickness≤1mm  

3, At least 30 minutes pressing, the adhesive is cured completely after 24 hours at room temperature.


1, According to the consumption, they are ready to use after squeezing out. Cutting out the nozzle mouth and load onto a injection gun (Pneumatic gun or manual gun). Please fasten down the the caps after using to avoid the gel to be cured.                                                      

2, The adhesive's completely curing time is based on air contact area and the thickness, the more thin the coating adhesive, the shorter the curing time. Appropriately raise the environmental temperature (shall not exceed 60℃) and increase the humidity can reduce curing time.      
3, Avoid eye contact adhesive. If contact, rinse with water immediately, then go to see the doctor.


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