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Which silicone primer is good for waterproof cellphone application

15 Apr 2017 - primer for lsr silicone overmolding PA,waterproof silicone primer for silicone phone case,primer for silicone electronics overmolding,silicone bonding phone card case,primer for cellphone application

In 2016 , LSR Silicone industries ,which silicone primer  is better which features with  waterproof capacity and applied in electronic industries? Cellphone phone & extra storage chip holders which made through LSR Silicone ejection molding techniques enjoys an emerging popularity these days and is widely used in Huawei , OPPO cellphones .

There is a great many electronic accessory products that are made from LSR Silicone overmolding PA . But as bonding area is quite small and PA had contained too many fibre-glasses , It’s not that easy to get a suitable silicone primer.

KANGLIBANG as silicone rubber primer manufacturer , had the CL-26AB-8 which is specially used on card holders. It’s a good primer solution for LSR Silicone overmolding PA . The silicone primer CL-26AB-8 are two components , The primer is loaded onto the cards holder through coating , brushing , spraying  dipping method.  The bonding strength is great to a silicone-tearing extend. 

Silicone card holder

Waterproof silicone primer

International Department Of  FXCONN which is processing factory for global cellphone industries , they had reached connection with KANGLIBANG in November, 2016 in a exhibition ocassions . As PC bonding area is quite small in card holders and the imported silicone primer tend to stick to molds and fail to offer a good bonding . FXCONN had a sucessful shot by trying KANGLIBANG’s silicone primer CL-26AB-8. The engineer are satified with adhesion strength, waterproof capacity .now they are on  a steady -up porduction.  


CL-26AB-8 Waterproof Silicone Primer

The cellphone had a gift of waterproof capacity and passed the double 8 tests . It passed tests under 1 meter-deep  pressure test for 15 minutes. The sealing is perfect and non-water permeable , at the same time , it withstand acid and salt resistance . 

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