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What to do with whity phenomenon of silicone adhesive

22 Apr 2017 - why does the silicone adhesive grow white,bonding problem of silicone,silicone adhesive grow white

502  instant  dry adhesive is easy to grow white including solvent base silicone adhesive .  

Whity Effects

Three reasons to account for the whity phenomenon of silicone adhesive.

Reason One : Check with humidity of weather, too much moisture will cause silicone adhesive to hydrolyze and grow white .

Reason two : use the adhesive container , use container which is of the same material as the product packing material .

Reason three: Failure to wash clean the adhesive container or brushes  after done using the adhesive .      

Four ways to deal with whity of silicone adhesive

1, Check with weather humidity when using the silicone adhesive , the silicone adhesive is sensitive to moisture and easy to hydrolyze and become white , so the humidity is well controllled below 60 degrees to avoid adhesive whity phenomenon . So we suggest , if condition permitting , use moisture remover to avoid such problem.

2, Choose clean washing containers , remember to clean up before next use.

3,The silicone adhesive should be stored in shade place and storage temperature between 20-25 degrees to avoid silicone adhesive incurring chemcial reaction

4 ,The silicone adhesive should avoid contact with substances containing sulfur , phosphorus.

Last week , Our technical man went to customer production sites to check with adhesive whity problem .they ruled out all the possible reasons and it turned out that the operator is a new guy , he use a container which contains sulfur and phosphorus. Our technical man tries with uncapped CL-24C-3 and it worked just all right . Our technical man managed to save the situation .

Professional Tips -KANGLIBANG

If the silicone adhesive grow white ,hard and smelly . There are three ways to solve the problem

Use none whity KN-300 , It shapes like paste stuff and is suitable for large surface bonding of silicone to metallics and plastics . It doesn’t grow white at all . Same thing with 490 instant adhesive , this one is a little white but offers very fast bond . The silicone primer had to do with compatiblity tests with substrates to avoid adhesive -platinum-poisions.   

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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