Self Adhesive LSR  KL-F6050AB Shore Hardness (A):50±2 - Products
Self Adhesive LSR  KL-F6050AB Shore Hardness (A):50±2
Self Adhesive LSR KL-F6050AB Shore Hardness (A):50±2

KL-F6050AB,Self adhesive LSR , is addition type LSR , It has strong bond to thermoplastics like polycarbonate and does not stick to the mold featuring with fast curing speed .

Product Specification:
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Minimum Order Quantity :   20KG
Lead Time:5-10days
Payment Terms:   TT/Paypal
Package:   20kg/barrel ,200kg/barrel
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Self adhesive LSR KL-F6050AB


※Wireless chargers ,silicone precision electronic products

※Silicone medical products

※3C electronic products

Appearance A : Transparent gel B: Milky white gel
Viscosity(mPa.s) GB-T 11409.8-1989 A : 5300000 B:6000000
Shore Hardness (A) 50±2
Tensile Strength(Mpa) ≥7.0
Tear strength(kN/m) ≥25
Elongation at break(%) ≥500
Curing condition TC10: 120℃*40S
Specifical gravity(g/cm3) 1.10±0.02
※Standard Description Viscosity is tested under room temperaturer 25℃

Maximise the productivity and reduce labour costs

Spare from use of base primer , bond to different substrates

silicone overmolding products , insert molding or double injection molding , partly needing bond and sophisticated precision parts.The finished product ok rate is highest.

1, Mix A and B with mxing ratio A:B=1:1 and inject into the mold the mixed silicone, the injection must be full and complete.

2, Curing condition of silicone is suggested at 120 ℃/200S(Thickness 2mmm)

3,Test and determine the mold condition based on the thickness and size of silicone .

4、Storage:Keep the product sealed and stored at 20℃-35℃ away from light and heat, shelf life for 6 months.

Package:20kg/barrel ,200kg/barrel

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