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LSR Silicone Overmolding PA
LSR Silicone Overmolding PA

Product Specification:
Model No. : CL-26AB
Minimum Order Quantity :   2 KGS
Lead Time:7-10 Days
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Silicone Primer CL-26A/B

Silicone primer for LSR Silicone Overmolding PA

Product Details

CL-26A/B primer used for HTV or LSR silicone rubber,the primer is clear transparent liquid ,ready-to-use ,it serves as extra coating adhering to

substrates like nylon ,metals during evaporation of the solvent and concurrent exposure to atmospheric moisture at room or elevated temperature,

the silicone rubber and primer-treated substrates results in a firm bond after heating in compression moulding or injection moulding

Overmolding LSR Silicone onto PA

overmolding lsr silicone onto PA

Product Advantage

No bubbles in finished silicone products

Bonding Strength over 2 Mpa.

silicone pa overmolding

Silcone primer from KANGLIBANG Silicone primer from another brand

Single coating, easy process.

silicone primer

Good bonding for silicone products that requires post-cure

Good bonding

Chemical Resistance

Resistance for many kind severe rugged environment,

Water resistance,Heat resistance, salt mist resistance,

Oil resistance, and solvent resistance etc.

Product Specifications

Appearance:Transparent or Pasty

Component:A:Pasty fluid B:Platinum catalyst


Solvent:Component solvent

Shelf life:Six months without cover opened.


1, Surface Treatment: The surface should be cleaned or degreased by chemical cleaning agent.

2, Coating Method: Firstly, Thoroughly mixed A and B, and then brushing, dipping, spraying or printing

3, Drying condition:Baking at 150°C for 15 minutes

4, Temporary Storage:All the products which coated should be use within 24 hours, If the stored place away from pollution and high

temperature or wet air, they can be stored for 2-3days.

5, Bonding Method: Silicone raw material gluing with other material should be molded at high temperature or hot air vulcanization.


1,Storage at a cool place and far away from heat and open flame.

2,Solvent is volatile, please cover the container tightly when it is done.

3,The workplace should be ventilated and avoided fire.


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