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Silicone packaged plastic hot vulcanized glue

30 Dec 2023

Silicone kitchenware is widely popular due to its high temperature resistance, non-stick, and stain resistance. Most of these products are made by vulcanizing nylon and unformed silicone into one, in order to enhance the adhesion between the two. The thermal vulcanization glue of silicone encapsulated plastic plays an important role in making it fit better.
Characteristics of silicone packaged plastic hot vulcanized glue:

The silicone and plastic are tightly combined at high temperatures and quickly solidified in a short time to form a strong adhesive film that firmly bonds the two different materials together. In addition, this glue also has excellent waterproof and high-temperature resistance, will not degumming even in humid environments, and can maintain stable performance at high temperatures.
In the production of silicone-coated nylon kitchenware, the advantages of using silicone-coated plastic hot vulcanized glue

1. This glue can firmly bond nylon materials and silicone materials together, making kitchenware more stable and durable;

2. Using silicone-coated plastic hot vulcanized glue can also improve production efficiency, shorten processing time, and reduce production costs.

The application process of silicone-coated plastic hot vulcanization glue requires certain skills:

Before use, the surface of silicone and nylon materials needs to be cleaned to remove grease and dirt on the surface to ensure that the glue can fully exert its bonding effect.

Then apply an appropriate amount of glue on the surface of the silicone or nylon material. When applying, make sure it is evenly applied to avoid bubbles and missing coatings.

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