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Silicone overmold plastic glue

19 Dec 2023

Silicone kitchenware is a high-quality kitchen utensil that is widely popular due to its excellent durability and comfort. However, one of the disadvantages of silicone material is its poor bonding with other materials, which limits its range of use to a certain extent. In order to solve this problem, a new type of silicone-packed plastic glue was developed, which can effectively enhance the bonding strength between silicone and plastic.
Silicone overmold plastic glue is a special adhesive that can form a tight bonding surface between silicone and plastic, thereby improving the bonding strength between the two. This glue has high adhesion and water resistance, cures quickly at room temperature, and will not corrode silicone or plastic materials.
When using silicone-packed plastic glue, you need to pay attention to the following points:
1. Clean the surface: Before applying glue, the silicone and plastic surfaces need to be cleaned to ensure there is no oil, moisture or other impurities. This can improve the adhesion effect of the glue and ensure the firmness of the bond.
2. Control the amount of glue applied: When applying silicone-packed plastic glue, it should be controlled within the appropriate amount, not too much or too little. The appropriate amount of glue can ensure even distribution of glue and improve the bonding effect.
3. Fixed position: After gluing, the positions of the silicone and plastic should be fixed to avoid movement or misalignment during the bonding process. Tools such as clamps or rubber bands can be used to assist in fixation.
4. Placement time: Silicone-packed plastic glue needs to be cured at room temperature. The curing time will be slightly different depending on factors such as ambient temperature and humidity. Pay attention to the time control during placement to avoid removing the clamp or fixture too early or too late.

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