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solve the problem of silicone PC adhesion

11 Sep 2019

Silicone adhesive PC glue, silica gel stick rubber glue, silicone adhesive glue, such as stainless steel, silica gel with what material to glue adhesive problem before the masses of users, silica gel due to its high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, chemical stability, has excellent properties such as high mechanical strength, make it get more and more widely used in the process of social production again, what the hell with what kind of silicone glue to stick it?

What glue does silica gel use to bond with other materials?

There are many users to find an effective glue to glue silicone and worry, this situation seriously affected the normal production activities of the factory!

Today, a silicone bonded PC is taken as an example to recommend three different bonding methods widely used in the market at present:

  1. liquid silicone hot vulcanized PC glue (silicone PC glue cl-26ab-9) :

    (add molding, peroxide type silicone rubber or room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber and PC, tempered glass and other hard substrate hot curing adhesive)

    liquid silicone hot vulcanized PC glue

    1, surface treatment: PC substrate with solvent chemical treatment, remove oil and dust.

    2. Glue coating: use brush coating or dipping method, spraying method or screen printing after 1:1 mixing and stirring of AB two-component.

    3. Drying: bake for 15~20 minutes at 110-130℃.

    4, parking: glue should be glued as soon as possible.

    Avoid pollution and exposure to high temperature and humidity air.

    5, bonding: unvulcanized silica gel and substrate die casting at high temperature or hot air vulcanization bonding.

    Ii. Use method of slow drying glue (slow drying silicone PC glue kn-300a) :slow drying glue

  2. kn-300a is a special glue used for bonding silica gel with PC and other plastics at room temperature, widely used in the production and processing of electronic appliances, automobiles, instruments, medical instruments, kitchen supplies, etc.)

  3. 1. Clean the bonded surface: clean the metal surface with alcohol, and clean the plastic with anhydrous ethanol.

  4. 2. Glue coating: kn-300a rubber layer thickness ≤1mm

    3, pressure: positioning is no less than half an hour, room temperature for 24 hours bonding strength.

    Iii. Use method of instant glue (quick-drying silicone PC glue 601) :

    (quick-drying silicone glue 601 is a type of quick-drying glue, which is often used together with silica gel treatment agent K770 series.

    It only takes 5-35 seconds for glue bonding, with firm bonding, low whitening and constant crispness!

    instant glue

    1. Clean the surface of PC plastic substrate with alcohol or sand paper.


    2. Brush the surface of silica gel with treating agent K770 series and dry it for 3-5 minutes at room temperature.

    In rainy weather, the storage time is relatively longer.

    Evenly apply 490 pieces of glue to silica gel or plastic (just apply one piece of glue to one material), and then press the adhesive surface for several seconds.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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