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An insight of what affects the bonding strength of Silicone rubber glue

08 May 2017

Silicone rubber glue is commonly applied in bonding silicone rubber with metallics and plastics,now let’s take an insight into what affect the bonding strength of silicone rubber glue ? It relates to the Molecule polarity , Molecule amount , Molecule shape ,Molecule crystallinity , Stability of Molecule to environment , The PH amount of the counter part material which is to bond with silicone rubber.

1,The Polarity of Silicne rubber glue

Normally the polarity of silicone rubber glue molecules and the bonded material are affecting the bonding strengths , but it does not mean the increase of polarity will increase the bonding strength, if we want to increase bonding strength from the polarity aspects , that’s not easy work compared to change surface molecule polarity . The use of silicone rubber surfactant to treat the silicone rubber surface will greatly increase the bonding strengths.

2. Molecule Amount

The Molecule amounts of the silicone polymers directly affects the mutual force between polymer molecules. The force between the moleclues determines melting points and boiling points of the substance. So the polymers ,eighter as bonding agents or as bonded materials , its the molecules amounts are affecting the bonding strengths.

3.Side chains

The side chains which connect to the long chains are determing the properties of polyers . As far as the force of molecule concerned , what the side chain of the polymer does is that , when the side chain is small , it will increase the side chain lengths to reduce the force of between the molecules , when the side chain reachs a certain lengths ,it start to crystalize . Increase the side chain lengths to increase the molecule force , this is to inrease the bonding strengths of silicone rubber glues

4,The PH rate of Glue and ready-to -bond material

As for some silicone rubber bonding agents , The PH rates also as reason to affect the bonding strengths and shelf life of the it . Normally , strong acid and strong alkali is a great to trouble to the bonding performance of the silicone rubber glue ,especially the holely woods , papers and fibre-based material.

5,The cross linker of silicone rubber

The cohesions force of the silicone rubber materials increase when the density of cross link surface increase. When the density of cross link increase , the polymer become hard and fragiles . Which render the polymer hard to be against the impacts . As thecross-linking sites increase the cross linking distance shortened , the polyer become hard and fragile.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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