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What kind of material does car mobile phone stand choose?

30 Sep 2019

Sincerely recommend silica gel material

In addition, car navigation is often updated, often to 4S store update, very inconvenient, not like mobile phones, anytime and anywhere easy to click on the update.

What's more, the maneuverability of car navigation is definitely inferior to that of mobile phones.

What material should the car phone stand be made of?

Silicone, of course!

hot vulcanized silicone bonding meta

Because car belongs to the closure is quite a good space, whether it is in the process of driving or park on the car, after outside the light of the sun, the temperature inside the car will be very high, the summer is more obvious, if it is rubber, TPU, plastic materials, such as high temperature easy to send out a strange smell, or even poisonous and harmful substances.

The silicone with higher temperature resistance and stability will not have this problem. As a safe, non-toxic and harmless silicone material made from the silicone mobile phone support, even if the temperature is high, it will not release bad substances, let alone the cab is only tens of degrees.

Moreover, the soft and moderate elasticity of silica gel is a good protection for the air gate fence or the clamped mobile phone. There will be no air gate fence or scratched mobile phone. To protect your car and mobile phone, silicone mobile phone bracket is undoubtedly a wise choice.

hot vulcanized silicone bonding meta

General silicone mobile phone support are hot vulcanized silicone bonding metal or plastic made, the outer elastic and soft, the inner layer 'rigid', both support each other, the advantages of the two materials will be perfect to play out!

However, KANGLIBANG has been developing silicone adhesive glue for more than 10 years, and most of them have been clear about the application of silicone products, so they dare to say the advantages of silicone material.

KANGLIBANG is to creat solution for your problem with bonding silicone, welcome customer inquiry to us.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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