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What kind of glue is used for drum wrapping - high quality silicone rubber glue

26 Aug 2019

What glue is used for drum wrapping? We are familiar with the drum coated with polyurethane PU rubber roller, silicone roller, rubber roller.

Drum coating refers to a layer of soft rubber on the surface of metal drum core to achieve a certain use of roller products. The combination of several groups of rubber drum is an important part and component in the pipeline, such as transportation, transmission and coating system. Kanglibang with you to understand the production process of silicone rubber drum. Silica drum coating process

Hot sulfur type: hot sulfur drum coating (traditional process) this technology is relatively backward, hot sulfur coating silica gel drum. Silicone roller: adopt the solid silicone rubber and the metal material coated with cl-24cw silicone rubber glue, and form by hot vulcanization in plate vulcanizing machine and mold. This drum hot coating technology is more suitable for use in the specification of shorter products. After high temperature vulcanization process, this silicone glue can bond silicone rubber and stainless steel metal, to ensure the stability of the two bonding, prevent the opening and degumming. Due to the complicated operation, the equipment weighs 10t-80t and costs a lot. Suitable for high demand areas. Also cannot carry on the site construction operation. Hot vulcanization drum coating cost is low, the production line operation, high yield. In the process of hot vulcanization, high energy consumption, relatively thin silica gel coating, wear resistance is not good, long-distance transport costs are high.

Liquid silica drum coating. With the development of technology, the application range of liquid silica gel is becoming wider and wider. Some high-end hot vulcanized silica gel drum coating also adopts the secondary injection molding (injection) molding process. The metal core material coated with silicon cl-26ab silicone glue was bonded to the liquid silicone rubber catalyzed by platinum vulcanizing agent at a low temperature of 90-120℃. Suitable for surface precision requirements of high coating silica gel roller, laminating machine silica gel roller and other products.

New technology of cold vulcanization drum coating

Using the on-site cold roller coating technology, apply cl-24s-3 primer on the cleaned metal roller core material, and apply kn-300t silicone rubber glue on the silicone material to be bonded, and then glue the silica board with the iron core (stainless steel bar). Advantages of site construction convenience, bonding strength. Drum silica gel plate need to adopt anticorrosive wear-resisting rubber sheet, general this special silicone rubber material density, high rubber content, abrasion resistance, tensile and tearing resistance performance is excellent, the service life of the general 5-8 times that of ordinary silicon rubber roller, 24 hours at room temperature under normal pressure natural curing, the rubber package technology is suitable for the silicone roll repair, big volume roller plastic bags. High flexibility.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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