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What kind of glue is better for silicone to stick to plastic

06 Sep 2019

silicone bond plastic

In the choice of silicone adhesive plastic with what glue is the best, first clear three questions.What type of silicone and plastic bonding -ABS, PVC, PP, PE, PS, PC, PA nylon, PPSU?Under what process - high temperature molding, low temperature hot curing or normal temperature bonding?Silicone and plastic glue bonding requirements: high temperature resistance/waterproof/bonding strength, etc.

1, determine the material: before choosing the glue, we should first determine what silicone and plastic are bonded. Silicone rubber includes mixing rubber [solid silicone], liquid silicone, molding silicone and so on.Plastic types are ABS, PVC, PP, PE, PS, PC, PA nylon, PPSU and other plastic materials.Due to different kinds of silicone plastics have different high temperature resistance.Nylon has the best high temperature resistance and can be used for high temperature bonding.ABS/PVC and other materials are only suitable for normal temperature bonding.Other materials can be low temperature hot vulcanization or normal temperature bonding.

High temperature hot vulcanized silicone rubber adhesive nylon plastic:

Unformed solid silica gel adhesive PA plastic: cl-24c/cl-24c-3 / cl-24c-8 high temperature hot vulcanized silica gel adhesive nylon glue

Low temperature hot vulcanized silica gel and plastic bonding:

Liquid silicone adhesive PET plastic: cl-2610 / cl-2620 silicone adhesive PET protective film glue;

Liquid silicone adhesive PP plastic: cl-26ab low-temperature hot vulcanized silicone adhesive PP;

Liquid silica gel adhesive PC plastic: cl-26ab-25 two-component low-temperature hot vulcanized silica gel adhesive PC plastic glue;

Liquid silicone adhesive PPSU plastic: cl-26ab-16 for extremely difficult PPSU plastic glue.

2. When normal temperature silica gel is used to adhesive plastics: it is necessary to determine whether surface adhesion or button adhesion or other types of adhesion of adhesive area and size. For large area, slow dry adhesive kn-300 series is suitable, which can leave enough time for you to operate.Plane bonding effect is better than buckle bonding or sleeve bonding, silicone glue bonding strength can achieve good bonding effect.

Slow dry glue kn-300 series - slow dry silicone glue for ABS/PVC/PC plastics

Quick dry glue 406 glue and silica gel treatment - formed silica gel bonding ABS/PVC/PC/ nylon buckle/Velcro, etc.

3, after determining the requirements such as: bonding speed/colloid color/colloid viscosity/high and low temperature resistance/high temperature resistance/waterproof/adhesive strength requirements, please choose special requirements of silica gel glue.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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