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What is the cause of size deviation of silicone rubber products?

09 Aug 2019

Any products need accurate size to fit in the application in various fields, so in each big industry production process will require many tolerance range, for silicone rubber products oil pressure molding process of mould pressing process and subsequent process also have different size and tolerance range, the display life silicone products size deviation of products is also pretty much, but the size of the silica gel products for cosmetic requirements are not like other products are the same, does not need to be accurate to 0.001 mm, so in May, within a prescribed scope of the size of the appearance of silica gel products dimensional deviation what reason is there?

silicone rubber

On the same machine and processing for the machine parameters and the change of temperature and pressure, and so on all have no, time will affect the appearance of the products of the mold size change, so the product size deviation for temperature control is very important, because the mold time no control within a certain time, silica gel products vulcanization temperature time will increase, natural deformation would happen, so in the process for the control of time can not only guarantee the products of the same size, and also can guarantee the quality of the product, if not control, a long and a short, it will lead to all kinds of bad product phenomenon.The stability of silicone rubber adhesive will also affect the mold time.

Second reason for raw materials will lead to product have different size, use for a long time to place the rubber production, there are differences between the vulcanization on the handle of the finished product, and the viscosity of the production is large, rigid pull litre degree, size naturally appeared difference, this belongs to the raw material time is too long vulcanizing agent failure, led to the decrease of the flow property as a result, so want to keep the size of the product shape, grab from fountainhead, the first for the silicone products manufacturer, the reason of the factors influencing the product is more, in addition to the cause of the machine with raw material, is one of the main reasons for the influence of mould to product,Different solutions to different problems are enough.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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