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What glue does silica gel wrap glue processing use to stick good - silica gel hot vulcanize glue

23 Jul 2019

Silicone hot vulcanization molding process is the use of mixed good silicone rubber rubber material wrapped hardware parts after high temperature molding oil pressure molding, but also can be nylon, ceramics, tempered glass, bakelite, epoxy resin and other hard substrate wrapped in the silicone internal, referred to as silicone coating process!The technical bottleneck of this kind of product is the quality of glue, looking at this kind of silicone adhesive glue.Tiny bubbles or edges that come unglued can ruin the entire product.So what kind of glue does silicone bag glue process use to stick good?[KANGLIBANG] sticky silicone hot vulcanizing glue.Cl-24 / cl-26ab series glue stick firmly, improve your product yield and market competitiveness.Take the silica gel coating process as an example: how is the processing of silica gel coating produced?At the same time in the production of rubber coated silicone products what should be noted?Concord has come to you.

silica gel wrap glue

Silicone coating processing:

Common silica gel has solid silica gel, liquid silica gel two categories.Typical solid silicone rubber molding temperature is 120℃-190℃, double pentafulcanizing agent in 170℃ high temperature molding, double pentafulcanizing agent catalytic mixing rubber can be 120℃-140℃ low temperature thermoforming;Liquid silica gel can be formed by thermal curing at the low temperature of 120℃-140℃;

Commonly used for inner coating of base materials are metal (stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum alloy), plastic (nylon PA, plastic PC,PBT,PP,PPSU,PET,PSU), ceramics, epoxy resin, toughened glass, bakelwood (birch, beech, bamboo).This needs to choose the corresponding.

solid silica gel

silicone glue according to different base materials

In polymer materials, silicone rubber surface inert, PPSU/PET and other plastic substrates are particularly difficult to bond a special kind of materials;Liquid silicone rubber/these plastic substrates use the cladding (composite injection molding) process to produce both soft and hard products. This is a real challenge.

(1) surface treatment, such as applying primers, using corona or flame to treat plastic surfaces, but these methods are more complicated.

(2) develop compatible silicone glue.Mainly from the process of strict control, the realization of silicone rubber, hard resin coating good bond is possible.

Silicon mold design

Silica gel coating process requires higher precision of the mold, the conditions to be met are:

(1) precision mold making equipment

(2) mold testing equipment

(3) process control

The silicone membrane off

Silicone products are often coated with internal mold release agent and external mold release agent to facilitate the products to be easily separated from the metal mold after vulcanization.Internal mold release agent is mainly used for solid silica gel coating products.Many rubber refining with vulcanizing agent and so on a addition.Outside the mold release agent is the product which the silica gel package glue product needs to use.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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