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What does silicone adhesive have to use?

30 Sep 2019

Use of three major silicone adhesives

What does silicone adhesive have to use?

Silicone adhesives are more common organic adhesives, according to the bonding strength, bonding, bonding and other three major USES of silicone adhesives.

Take kn-300 organic adhesive as an example: after curing, it is an organosilicone elastomer, which has the characteristics of heat resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, water resistance and softness.

It is suitable for painting, sealing, printing and coating.

Long service life: durable bonding performance, ensure the service life of silicone metal plastic products, adhere firmly, not easy to degumming;

Use of silicone adhesives

(1) silicone adhesive to provide sealing required adhesion, flexibility and elasticity, waterproof from moisture.

(2) silicone adhesive curing for elastic silicone body has good weather resistance: can resist cold, thermal shock, oxidation, no moisture, chemicals and uv radiation.

Strong stability even in harsh conditions.

(3) in the organic material silicone is a long service life, in harsh conditions can continue to use longer time.

Other types of silicone adhesives

Silicone high-temperature adhesive: cl-24/26 series: the former is a single component, suitable for high temperature silicone and metal nylon material bonding, forming by plate vulcanization.

The latter is AB bicomponent, is the liquid silicone rubber hot bonding metal, plastic, often use injection molding molding.

Silicone adhesive cl-26ab-8l can protect and seal LED light strip (LED) chip, suitable for liquid silicone rubber and coated with glue LED naked light strip heating vulcanization, extrusion molding;

Silicone gel kl-6634/38 protects related fabrics or TPU thermosol adhesives. It is pressure-sensitive and self-adhesive, and can be directly applied to the skin. It is mainly used in invisible bras, scar stickers, antipyretic stickers and other products.

Silicone adhesive tape and protective film: kl-2600 series coated silicone materials on PET and PI substrates, then rolled up and attached to the tunnel furnace after heating and baking, and then die-cut into mobile phone protective film, high-temperature adhesive tape, golden finger and other products.

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