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What are the main application areas of silicone rubber products?

02 Sep 2019

The main application fields of silicone rubber products include aerospace, automobile industry, communication industry, office supplies, instrumentation, industrial lighting, electric power industry, household appliances, food industry, medical and health care.

Firstly, silicone rubber products have excellent resistance to high and low temperature, radiation, aging, electrical insulation and non-toxic, physiological inertia, widely used in aerospace aircraft.For example, all kinds of sealing rings, rubber pipes, hoses, rubber cans and capsules, electrical insulation bushing, hot air duct etc. used in aircraft and aircraft are made of silicone rubber products.Statistics show that a large civil aircraft average use of silicone rubber products to more than 500 kg.

silicone rubber products

Second, the automobile industry silicon rubber products have the unique heat, cold and electrical insulation performance, in the automobile engine system, exhaust system, fuel system has obtained more than 40 applications.If the spark plug cover, battery connector, reflector, fixed glass, windshield, reflector lamp, the place such as the exhaust pipe of the seal, ignition cable, fabric reinforced silicone rubber products shielding bag, car keys, electrical system, car large seal is the use of silicone rubber products such as material, statistics show that the average car use silicon rubber products more than 1 kg.

Third, the communication industry in the modern communication of all kinds of telephones, mobile phones, walkie-talkie keys, sheath and antenna and other aspects of silicone rubber products have a large number of applications.Silicone rubber products are not only resistant to high and low temperature, aging resistance, good elasticity, feel good, and non-toxic and tasteless can add a variety of different pigments, and can be modified into conductive rubber products.

Fourthly ,Silicone rubber products are not only good electrical insulation materials, but also can be used as conductive rubber products.This property makes it widely used in modern office buttons, cots, wire coating and other aspects.

Five, instrumentation, industrial lighting silicone rubber products in the insulation, flame retardant, sealing, shock absorption, connection and other aspects of instrumentation, use a variety of molding, injection, in-situ forming sealing ring, gasket, conductive connector, now lighting a variety of high-pressure halogen lamps and other sealing.

The emergence of silicone rubber products in the power industry has provided new materials of Safety, energy saving and environmental protection for the reconstruction of modern power grid and electrified railway in China, and the actual consumption of this industry has doubled in recent years.

The application direction of silicon rubber products is the wire and cable with high resistance to low temperature and high insulation requirement, the ship wire and cable, the aerospace wire and cable, the heating wire and cable, the ignition wire and cable, the non-braided wire and cable, the cable connector, the sheath, and the covering material of the wire and cable of atomic energy plant.Modern common electrical appliances, modern office supplies, such as computers, air conditioners and other wires have been replaced with silicone rubber products.In the future, silicon rubber products will be more widely used in electric wires and cables.

Because silicone rubber products are non-toxic, colorless, tasteless, aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, with good physiological inertia of an elastomer, suitable for furniture use, has been widely used in a variety of household appliances

Nine, food industry silicone rubber products harmless to the human body, can be used in food production lines, kitchen utensils and household small equipment such as coffee making equipment, beverage vending machine, microwave oven, oven, steam cooker, thermos flask, butterfly valve and sterilization cabinet, pneumatic thermos bottle and other sealing materials, baby pacifier.

Medical and health all kinds of blood transfusion and infusion tubes, such as venous intubation, peritoneal dialysis tube, catheter, artificial heart and lung machine pump tube, otitis media simultaneous irrigation, nasal catheter, thoracic drainage tube, gastroscopy tube, can use silicone rubber products;Long-term buried in the human body as an organ or tissue substitutes such as artificial spherical mitral valve, cardiac pacemaker, artificial larynx, artificial trachea and bronchus, artificial corneal stent, artificial crystal, artificial dura, hydrocephalus drainage device, artificial nose, artificial ear, artificial breast, etc.

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