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What are the ingredients of pressure-sensitive adhesive

30 Apr 2020

Take silicone pressure sensitive adhesive as an example. Everyone knows that it consists of 1000g high peel pressure sensitive adhesive, 1g low peel pressure sensitive adhesive, silica gel tackifier, platinum vulcanizing agent, bridging agent (coupling agent), etc. However, there are thousands of pressure-sensitive adhesive formulations and different performances. "Kang Libang" pressure-sensitive adhesives are customized according to customer needs: 400-611-9269

Pressure sensitive adhesive formulation

In addition to tacky materials (main raw materials), auxiliary substances such as tackifiers are added to pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Adhesive (main material)

The adhesive of the pressure-sensitive adhesive is made of rubber or synthetic resin, and its role is to give the adhesive layer sufficient cohesive strength and adhesion, the dosage is 30% -50%; the silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive is mostly methyl vinyl silicone Rubber material.


Common tackifiers include rosin and its derivatives, petroleum resin, etc., its role is to increase the adhesion of the adhesive layer. Its dosage is 20% -40%; Kang Libang uses silicone thickener KL-297 KL-298 and so on.

Vulcanizing agent

A type of additive material that cures the adhesive can accelerate and complete the curing of the adhesive. Among them, silicone pressure sensitive adhesives are often added with platinum vulcanizing agent, or platinum water alone is used.

The first three are mostly important parts of pressure-sensitive adhesives. The latter three can be added selectively.


The plasticizer used is a plasticizer for general plastics processing, and its role is to increase the fast viscosity of the adhesive layer. Its dosage is 0-10%;

Anti-aging agent

General anti-aging agents for rubber and plastics are available, the function is to increase the service life, the dosage is 0-2%;

Filler (filling material)

The filler used is a filler for general plastics. Its function is to improve the cohesive strength of the adhesive layer and reduce costs. The dosage is 0-40%;

In addition, for some pressure-sensitive adhesives, viscosity modifiers, solvents, etc. need to be added.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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