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What are the hot vulcanized glues?

24 Sep 2019

Silicone industry and other fields, the application of hot vulcanized glue is more extensive, it is often said that hot bonding adhesive silicone.

Many bosses want to know what hot vulcanized glue is on the market?

Make it easier to make a better choice when you buy the product you're making, and get yourself reacquainted with this type of adhesive.

So today small series for you to conclude dozens of hot vulcanized silicone glue.

Pick up your notes!

What are the hot vulcanized silicone adhesives ?

hot vulcanized silicone adhesives

First of all, we have a general understanding of the process, hot vulcanization process refers to the silicone rubber after heating, press and vulcanization process.

At present, the vulcanization process is the most common, easy to operate, easy to control, can be heated in the plate vulcanization machine, get the model product, or in the vulcanization tank molding, according to the requirements of the product heating hot water, hot air, electric heating.

1. Cl-24s-28: it is often used for thermal adhesion of silica gel and PC;

2. Cl-24s-30: silicone hot-bonded PC;

3. Cl-24s-31: silicone hot-bonded PC;

4. Cl-24s-32: silicone hot-bonded PC;

5. Cl-24s-11 + : silica gel sticks to PC with strong adhesion and good stability. Compared with 24s-11, its performance is better.

6, CL - 24 s - 24:

7, CL - 24-26 s:

8, CL - 24 s - 25:

9, cl-24s-w05: strong applicability, can be applied to a variety of substrate bonding, mainly in the silicone metal bonding;

10, PA - 1;

11, PA - 2;

12, cl-26ab-27/16: silicone adhesive PP adhesive, bonding firm, not easy to degumming;

  1. K-3: silicone gel and PET hot vulcanized adhesive have strong applicability;

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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