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What are the USES of silicone adhesives

27 Feb 2020

Silica gel adhesive is one component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, silica gel and silica gel, silica gel and plastic, silica gel and metal bonding adhesive.

Dry for 3-30 minutes and set for 24 hours.

Clean the surface with alcohol before use, and then apply glue evenly. The surface will be closed and fixed, and then placed for natural curing.

Price 80-200 yuan, in addition to the temperature curing of silica gel adhesive, used for silica thermal curing process.

Silica gel adhesives are widely used, as follows:

1. Used for bonding of various refractory materials;

2. Used in coating industry, it can make coating firm, anti-fouling and dust proof, anti-aging, fire prevention and other functions;

3. Used as silica gel products, it has very good bonding effect and durability;

4. Used for precision casting of thin shell, which can make shell shape a strong and lasting finish high;

5. It can be used as a substitute for ethyl silicate to reduce costs and improve operating conditions;

6. Used in the electronics industry for bonding between electronic parts;

7. Used as catalyst manufacturing and catalyst support;

8. Used in paper industry, as cellophane anti-sticking agent, photographic paper pretreatment agent, cement bag anti-slip agent, etc.;

9. Used as sizing agent in the textile industry, it is combined with oil to treat the spinnability of wool and rabbit hair, reduce breakage, prevent flying flowers, improve yield and increase economic benefits;

10. Used as treating agent for silicon steel sheet, dispersant for picture tube, anti-slip of floor wax, etc.

To sum up, the use of silica gel adhesive is very wide, the above small series only do a simple introduction, silica gel adhesive can also be used for pet protective film, stainless steel, marble, fabric, steel sheet, silica gel and other products do adhesive, silica gel adhesive is the most advantageous adhesive products.

Silica gel adhesive

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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