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What are cross-linkers?

05 Sep 2019


Cross-linking agent is a material that Bridges linking linear molecules and linking multiple linear molecules to each other to form a cross-linking network.A substance that promotes or regulates the formation of covalent or ionic bonds between molecular chains of a polymer.cross-linking agent is called "vulcanizing agent - bridging agent" in silicone rubber industry.Conley silica gel vulcanizer manufacturers.Anti-yellow silica gel vulcanizing agent | silica gel vulcanizing agent | environmental protection silica gel vulcanizing agent | silica gel anti-yellow vulcanizing agent, cross-linking agent variety is complete, cross-linking agent .

cross-linking agent in the silicone industry, there are peroxides, double dioxin, double pentacylene vulcanizing agent, platinum vulcanizing agent and other types.Conley cross-linking agent can be divided into diplomatic cross-linking agent and internal cross-linking agent, among which the former USES organic silicon (ethyl orthosilicate, methyl orthosilicate, trimethoxy silane) raw materials.Representative products: conley bond c-100ab

When concord internal cross-linking agent is used with silicone adhesive, the cross-linking agent suitable for it should be selected, and the cross-linking agent has the following requirements:

The active groups of the cross-linking agent can react with the components of the adhesive to form a cross-linking structure.The cross-linking efficiency is high, and a stable cross-linking structure can be obtained by adding a small number.The cross-linking speed is suitable, and conley bond supports all-round customization.In addition, cross-linking agents are stable in the process treatment and storage period, and no harmful reactions and coagulation effects occur.Environmental protection, tasteless, anti-yellowing, no pollution to the environment.

Silica gel cross-linking agent: silica gel cross-linking agent is commonly known as silica gel vulcanizing agent. It can make linear or mildly branched macromolecules into three-dimensional network structure, so as to improve the strength, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, solvent resistance and other properties. It can be used for foaming silica gel or non-foaming silicone rubber products.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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