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Use of liquid silica gel with stainless steel glue

17 Jan 2020

A method of using silica gel to adhere to stainless steel glue, including the following steps: 1) cleaning the base material and configuring the glue;

2) the base material is baked and the glue is degassed;

3) apply glue;

4) secondary baking;

5) vulcanization;

6) secondary vulcanization;

7) trimming;

8) full inspection.

KANGLIBANG cl-26ab silica gel glue, the stainless steel connector and liquid silica gel CL-26ABbond together, after two vulcanization, the connection strength can reach the limit, increase the waterproof sealing of the mobile phone connector can reach the IP68 certification, reduce the phenomenon of glue falling off, improve the silica gel falling off rate from 15% to 3.

It is a high quality liquid silicone and stainless steel bonding glue.

The use of silicone bonded stainless steel glue is as follows:

1) clean the base material and configure the glue

1.1: Stainless steel metal substrate cleaning: put the stainless steel connector into alcohol for cleaning at room temperature, the quantity is 1000pcs, and the time is maintained for 2-5min;

The appearance of the stainless steel connector dirty cleaning, usually by direct immersion and stirring 3-10 times, the appearance of stainless steel connector oil.

1.2: Configuration of cl-26ab glue: as the two-component formula of AB is adopted, it is necessary to configure the glue according to the quality ratio according to the requirements before using, and mix evenly.

2) bake the base material and let the glue degassing stand

2.1: stainless steel base material baking: put the cleaned stainless steel connector into an oven with a temperature of 105±5 for baking for 15~30min;

The alcohol will evaporate through high temperature, which is conducive to the subsequent glue curing layer will not fall off;

2.2: the hybrid silicone glue shall be bleated and left to stand, and the market suggests 15 to 30 minutes.

3) apply glue:

Glue the stainless steel connector on the grill;

KANGLIBANG cl-26ab silica gel glue can be implemented manually or automatically. The purpose of the glue is to bend the stainless steel connector and the liquid silica gel together without falling off.

4) secondary baking:

The glued stainless steel connector was put into an oven at a temperature of 105±5 for baking for 30±5min.

Dry the rubber layer by baking;

5) vulcanization:

The baked stainless steel connector is put into the mold, and the molten silica gel is injected through the runner of the mold to cure the product into the shape of the mold cavity.

The outer part of the stainless steel connector is wrapped with liquid silica gel through the mold and forms a fixed shape.

Curing temperature is 120~130, curing time is 30 seconds.

stainless steel connector and liquid silica gel

6) secondary vulcanization:

The vulcanized products were put into the oven for secondary vulcanization at a temperature of 135±5.

Second vulcanization increases the strength of liquid silica gel, so that the vulcanization is more complete and not easy to deformation;

The secondary curing time was 30±5min.

7) trimming:

The vulcanized secondary silica gel stainless steel composite material was inspected for appearance, and the excess rough edges were cleaned by trimming fixture.

Remove the rough edges of the product by trimming fixture;

8) full inspection:

The quality control department uses the microscope to examine the appearance and size of the products after trimming, and tests the processed products.

The cl-26ab liquid silica gel glue produced by ganglion glue factory bonded the stainless steel connector and the liquid silica gel together. Through two vulcanization processes, the bond strength was raised to the maximum, the waterproof sealing property of the connector was increased, and the product shedding phenomenon was greatly reduced. The dropping rate of silica gel was reduced from 15% to less than 3.

KANGLIBANG glue factory also provides the following four kinds of silicone glue for stainless steel:

CL-24 double 25 catalytic solid silica gel and stainless steel high temperature hot bonding

(2) cl-24s peroxide catalyst mixing adhesive and stainless steel molding;

Kn-300t-1 at room temperature silica gel bonded to metal

  1. 601 glue +K770 treating agent instant adhesive with treating agent for small area of normal temperature silicone adhesive metal materials.

KANGLIBANG is to creat solution for your problem with bonding silicone, welcome customer inquiry to us.

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