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The value of room temperature silicone rubber (RTV) as an adhesive

20 Feb 2020

Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (RTV) is a new type of silicone elastomer developed in the 1960s. The most notable feature of this rubber is that it can be cured in place at room temperature without heating and pressure, which is extremely convenient to be used.

As a result, it quickly became an important part of the cured silicone product, and RTV silicone rubber is now widely used as an adhesive.

Silicone rubber adhesive is an adhesive based on silicone rubber.

Owing to the low molecular weight of RTV silicone rubber, it is known as liquid silicone rubber. Its physical form is usually a flowing fluid or a thick paste, and its viscosity is between 100 ~ 1000000 centis.

RTV silicone rubber is mainly composed of polysiloxane terminated by hydroxyl, which can be divided into 2 types: one component and two components.

One-component rsm-silicone rubber has good adhesion to most substrates, can be used in the temperature range of -60 ~ 200 for a long time, has excellent electrical insulation properties and chemical stability, and has good adhesion to a variety of metallic and non-metallic materials.

It mainly uses as a coating for various electronic components and electrical equipment.

It can also uses as sealing filler and elastic adhesive.

Two-component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber component proportion abound change, a species can be a variety of specifications and performance of sulfide products, but also depth of vulcanization, but as for the base material of adhesive performance is poorer, is mainly used in electronic appliances, automobiles, machinery, building industry, such as insulation, packaging, sealing, sealing, moisture proof and making roller material.

The strength of silicone rubber itself and the adhesion strength of various materials are relatively low, which limits its application range.

At present, the research on the enhancement and modification of RTV silicone rubber adhesive mainly includes: crosslinking agent, physical and chemical enhancement modification of polysiloxane and surface modification of adhesive surface, etc., in order to improve the adhesive adhesion performance.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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