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The difficulties of HTV silicone overmolding metals

02 Dec 2017

In the silicone products industry, for the complexity of the process and the precision of the product, it is difficult to have a double color process and silicone overmolding . In the production process of silicone products manufacturer consuming labor. There are several phenomena such as bad rate control ,and the product of this kind of craft is also relatively popular in the market, And the more popular the products which the production time is longer . So similar to the silicone spoon, silicone spatula and so on all the silicone gel coated craft products to see is simple and clear .But for the technical difficulties, how much do you know about the difficulties of HTV silicone overmolding metals.

HTV silicone overmolding metals at high temperature vulcanization. The whole vulcanization process is the most difficult to control Migration phenomenon for the other parts except the silicone rubber. Factory must position standards are required for silicone overmolding metals, general positioning can be divided into several methods.

1, In the case of complex die structure, three layers can be opened, Now the glue between the base of the silica gel and the middle of the metals in the metal position of a metals positioning slot , put metals inside,finally, remove the middle layer template can achieve internal package metals effect. However, this method of small products is not feasible. Usually a slightly larger product can be used.

2, Double plate, If there is no requirement for the appearance, you can choose to add several pin pins in the middle of the molding. In the placing of the silicone material, the hardware will be placed in the positioning of the last layer of glue and the template, the product that comes out basically does not appear migration phenomenon, this method can be used for longer or round metals .

3,The metals is smaller, and the residual amount of silicone rubber is relatively large,
It can silicone overmolding metals directly by pressure molding.
This method is not easy for metals offset the better products . In general, it is biggest difficulty of silicone overmolding metals for offset metals. There are several methods in which we can solve. Too much pressure on the machine can lead to metals offset . The worker should control when placing silicone rubber . Temperature control within a certain range and so on. In a word, there are difficulties in any process of silicone products , it is depend on how you control it.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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