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Special glue and curing agent for silicone medical equipment

04 Mar 2020

Nowadays, the medical industry has already been applied to the silica gel material products, such as the silica gel infusion tube in the hospital, a variety of laboratory instruments, artificial components implanted in the human body are silica gel products.

And these silica gel medical products, not without medical special silica gel glue and platinum vulcanizing agent (also known as platinum water) with.

Of course, medical products have very strict requirements on glue or curing agent.

silica gel material products

Our products must also be medical-grade and food-grade certified.

Take the production of infusion tubes as an example, our main raw materials are rubber and curing agent two ingredients.

This vulcanizing agent needs to choose the non-toxic, tasteless, food certified platinum vulcanizing agent c-100a /B to be processed and produced, platinum vulcanizing agent anti-yellowing agent characteristics can be very good to maintain the color of the rubber itself, and is the only one can pass the food certification, SGS,FDA,ROSH related reports, is widely used in medical products enterprises.

In the process of refining the rubber often accidentally dead, it is for a reason:

1. The curing agent is a two-component material c-100a /B, which is formed at low temperature. We must add component B first when mixing, and only after mixing can we add the component A (the ratio is raw material: B:=1kg:2g:25g).

2. And when the temperature of rubber refining is higher than 45 degrees, this product cannot be added, because platinum vulcanizing agent is formed at low temperature, vulcanizing agent can only be added after the good rubber refining material is cooled, otherwise the rubber refining material will die.

3. The mixed glue will be used up within 48 hours. Otherwise it will die.

4. Platinum vulcanizing agent can not be mixed with other vulcanizing agent vulcanized materials, because the composition of the two mixed will be conflict, resulting in the failure of bad rubber.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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