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Silicone and titanium alloy adhesive

22 Oct 2019

Kanglibang cl-24 is a hot vulcanized silicone glue - suitable for molding silicone and titanium alloy under high temperature hot vulcanized bonding process.

The adhesive has high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

It is very important for surface treatment of titanium alloy, selection of silicone glue, vulcanization condition and pretreatment of metal parts to ensure the bonding effect.

Titanium alloy has the advantages of high strength, light weight and corrosion resistance.

Silicone rubber has high and low temperature resistance, uv resistance, radiation resistance, weather resistance and other excellent performance;

The surface activity of titanium alloy is low, and silicone rubber is difficult to bond directly with it.

For special materials, we must surface them.

After surface treatment, the metal was uniformly coated with glue, and the mixed glue and metal were pressed into shape in the plate vulcanizing agent machine at 170℃.

Realize the bonding between silica gel and titanium alloy.

Use of silicone and titanium alloy adhesive:

A: surface treatment of titanium alloy metal.

Mechanical and chemical methods are used in combination.

1. Chemical treatment of surface grease.

Recommended use of industrial alcohol;

2. Mechanical and physical methods for surface treatment - recommended sandblasting method for roughening, fine sand effect is better;

3. Rinse with acetone solution.


B: apply the treated titanium alloy with the adhesive cl-24 and make the coating as thin and even as possible.

C: paint the titanium alloy parts of the adhesive into the molding mold, in the flat vulcanization machine on the silicone rubber and titanium alloy 170 degrees Celsius high temperature molding.

D: finished product testing.

Test the bond strength in the tensile testing machine with the prescribed method.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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