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Silicone PC glue - cl-24s

22 Oct 2019

PC is widely used in furniture, home appliances, display shelf board, building materials, automotive decoration and other technology fields.

In part of the process, we can see that an article that seems to be completely integrated is actually made by gluing two materials together, but we can't see their joints at all. Why?

Cl-24s is a hot vulcanized adhesive for platinum silicone or liquid silicone and PC and other hard base materials. It can also be used as a additive and modifier for PC, glass, pebbles and other materials.

Conley bond silicone glue stick PC CL - 24 s type product is conley's bond a one-component, single coating adhesive, craft is simple, excellent adhesion, adhesion ability of water, salt fog, chemicals, oil, solvents and other harsh environments, the glue is used widely in the silica gel 3 c electronic products, medical devices silicone miscellaneous pieces of silicone.

5 steps of the process of conbon silicone adhesive PC glue cl-24s model product:

1. Surface treatment: degrease the substrate after grinding with mechanical sandblasting or sandpaper.

2. Glue: apply the primer to the surface of the treated substrate by brush, dip or spray.

3. Drying: dry the greenhouse for at least 30 minutes, or bake for 5-15 minutes at 110 ° c-130 ° c.

4. Parking: glue the adhesive as soon as possible after gluing, and be sure to finish it on the same day.

Avoid pollution and exposure to high temperature and humidity air.

  1. Vulcanization: platinum system silicone rubber and PC and other hard substrate grinding or hot air vulcanization bonding.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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