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Silica gel iron glue

23 Oct 2019

Silicone products are increasingly widely used in our life, no matter in the bonding of plastic, metal or other materials can use silicone glue, small series before you explained the characteristics and use of silica gel, today we bring silica gel iron adhesive, specific as follows:

Silicone adhesive glue iron state special glue for silicone, rubber, metal, plastic and other hard bonding materials research and development of new silicone, rubber, glue for silicone, rubber, metal, such as stainless steel, electroplating, aluminum, copper, galvanized sheet metal), inert surface metal, hysteresis metal surface, engineering plastics (PVC, ABS, PA, PC, PS, PMMA, PP, PE, PBT, etc.) and so on has the very high bonding strength and adhesion.

It has better bonding fastness when used together with special treatment agent for silicone rubber glue.

High temperature resistance 200-250 ℃

Silica gel is a kind of highly active adsorbent material, which belongs to amorphous substance.

Insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic tasteless, stable chemical properties, except strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid and no substance reaction.

Due to the non-polar characteristics of silicone, the use of ordinary glue is often difficult to achieve the ideal effect.

Conlebon special glue can effectively improve the surface polarity of silicone material, greatly improve the bonding performance.

Kanglibang bond is the kind of silicone rubber silicone glue iron adhesive used for silicon and aluminum adhesive, silicone and stainless steel adhesive glue, silica gel, silica gel, and iron and copper and other metal bonding and silica gel and wood adhesive, silica gel and ceramic glue, silica gel and glass bonding adhesives, rely on contact by glue or by water molecules on the surface of the sealing material or water molecules in the air, and curing.

I. properties of silica gel iron adhesive:

1. Professional design: according to the problem of difficult adhesion of materials such as silicone and rubber, a special silicone rubber glue is specially developed. In most cases, it can be firmly bonded without special treatment agent.

2. Environmental protection: it is a kind of non-toxic, odorless, solvent-free, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-polluting, more safe and environmentally friendly, which has passed the European Union RoHS standard;

3, moderate viscosity: low viscosity, with good liquidity, suitable for large areas of adhesion and brush coating.

4, weather resistance: the product has superior uv resistance, aging resistance, ozone, water, salt fog, mold, water resistance, dilute acid, dilute alkali and other characteristics.

Good anti - aging performance, overcome the traditional glue easy to aging and easy to fall off the problem.

5, heat resistance, cold resistance characteristics: silicone rubber special glue added heat resistance material, the use of a wide range of temperature, suitable for -60℃ ~ 250℃, to solve the long-term cold weather in the north and the south of the humid hot environment off the problem.

6, single component, single coating, simple process, room temperature curing, no need to heat curing.

7. Flexible film, no whitening after bonding.

Ii. Application of silica gel iron adhesive products:

1. Conrybon silica gel iron adhesive is widely used in silica gel bonded glass, silica gel bonded metal, silica gel bonded plastic, silica gel seal ring, silica gel bracelet, silica gel bra, silica gel tube, silica gel cover, silica gel medical accessories, silica gel parts and other silica gel products.

2, conley bang silicone glue adhesives are widely used in the silica gel and silica gel glass glue, rubber and rubber adhesive, silicone rubber sealing ring and the metal cementation, the silicone tube and silicone tube adhesive, silicone rubber parts of adhesive, silica gel seal glue, silica gel hand ring adhesive, silicone bra adhesive, silicone adhesive, silicone tube adhesive, horn galvanized parts and silicone rubber seal adhesive, engineering plastics, rubber, silicone, glass, ceramic, metal and other materials bonding and sealing to protect each other.

Iii. Use of silica gel iron adhesive

1. he bonding surface should be clean, dry and free from dust.

2. Cut the nozzle to the size required by sizing.

3, squeeze silicone glass adhesive to be glued to the bonding surface, as soon as possible close the bonding site, and use mechanical positioning to fix the bonding surface, put the pressed good silica gel products in a flat place, pressed good silica gel products as far as possible not to bend, so as not to make good silica gel products deformation.

4, the silicone tube and silicone tube adhesion need to use a fixture clamping position, until the silicone rubber special glue preliminary shape before panasonic fixture (generally in 0.5-2 hours or so, the specific time needs to be determined).

5. The bonded silicone products should be placed for 24-48 hours before testing.

6. Use up the special silicone rubber glue as soon as possible after opening it. If it is not used up, squeeze out the cured part when using it next time.

Iv. Matters needing attention for silica gel iron adhesive:

1. Keep ventilation when sizing.

2, use silicone glass adhesive as much as possible adhere to the number of coating, not when to seal preservation, so as not to cause unnecessary curing because of silicone rubber special glue and air contact.

3. Avoid long time contact with uncured glue.

4. In case of accidental splash into eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical treatment.

Keep away from children.

5, should be stored in a dry cool place, away from heat and open fire.

KANGLIBANG is to creat solution for your problem with bonding silicone, welcome customer inquiry to us.

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