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RTV room temperature silicone rubber adhesive is what does it do?

26 Sep 2019

RTV room temperature silicone rubber adhesive action is what?

RTV room temperature silicone rubber adhesive

The wang boss of guangzhou asked business manager of conley state specially two days ago this problem, give boss wang detailed explanation through collecting data, below understand together!

Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (RTV) is a new type of silicone rubber that came out in the 1960s. Its most prominent characteristic is that it can be cured on the spot without heating and pressure at room temperature, which is very convenient to use. Therefore, as soon as room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber came out, it quickly became an important part of the whole silicone rubber product.

At present, RTV silicone rubber has been widely used as an adhesive.

Its physical form is usually a flowing fluid or viscous paste with a viscosity of 100 to 1000 cm.

RTV silicone rubber with hydroxyl-terminated polysiloxane as base material, can be divided into single component and two components. One component RTV silicone rubber for the majority of base material has good adhesion, can be in 60-200 ℃ temperature range or less use for a long time, excellent electrical insulation and chemical stability, to all sorts of metal and nonmetal materials with good adhesion.

It is mainly used for covering various electronic components and electrical equipment, including insulation, moisture-proof, shockproof, etc. It can also be used as sealing material and elastic adhesive.

Two-component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber of different proportions, can be produced a variety of specifications of vulcanized products, also can be carried out deep vulcanization.

However, due to poor bonding performance with the base material, it is mainly used for insulation, packaging, seam, sealing, moisture-proof, roll making and other materials in industries such as electronic appliances, automobiles, machinery and construction.

The strength of silicone rubber itself and the adhesion strength of various materials are low, which limits the application range of silicone rubber.

At present, the research on RTV silicone rubber adhesive strengthening modification mainly includes crosslinking agent, polysiloxane physico-chemical enhancement modification and adhesive surface modification to improve its adhesion performance.

Through the introduction of the business manager, boss wang in guangzhou finally got a certain understanding of the role of multi-rtv room temperature silicone rubber adhesive, because boss wang has not been in this industry for a long time, so many problems are slowly understood.

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