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  Properties and effects of high temperature AB adhesive on glass film bonding

02 Mar 2020

A brief analysis of the properties and functions of high temperature resistant AB adhesive in glass film bonding

The oca-6 series is a modified polymer from BAVARKER, a famous German brand.

Resistance to high temperature of 80 degrees, high transparency, low fog, medium final adhesive force, self-wetting exhaust faster, high initial final adhesive force ratio, suitable for bonding with toughened glass protective film requirements, and repeated inspection without residual adhesive.

Glass protective film AB - coating special adhesive (oca-6) physical properties

Component projects;


Solid content;

Viscosity (CPS/25)

Optical adhesive: oca-6;

40 + / - 3;


UV crosslinking agent: k-651;

Light solid adhesive base adhesive: K238;

Optical-film, explosion-proof film, OCA protective film coating special adhesive (oca-6) processing operability

Uv-curing mixture ratio: OCA: k-651:k238 = 100:6:4

Oven temperature setting (uv curing)

Energy density 550 mJ/cm2 (nitrogen purge is preferred)

Is set temperature 40 degrees -80 degrees processing.

Special adhesive (oca-6) for OCA protective film coating.

The transmittance was > 92%

High for < 2%

Low final adhesion > 12N / 25mm

Medium final ratio > 6

High wettability 25cm/min


Kanglibang high temperature resistant AB glue in optical film use note: 25 m thick dry glue temperature curing for 24 hours

Oca-6 new package: 20KG/ BBL or 10KG/ BBL

Kanglibang statement: the above data provided by the company are for reference only

Oca-6 high temperature resistant AB adhesive: adhesive requirements of tempered glass protective film, widely used for tempered glass explosion-proof film, optical film, explosion-proof film, OCA protective film adhesive.

The following on the Kanglibang AB glue related problems to explain.

How do I use Kanglibang AB glue oca-6?

OCA glue is suitable for hot curing or UV curing.

What's the price of AB glue?

Kanglibang AB glue only factory price, direct manufacturers: 4006119269

Is AB glue toxic?

Kanglibang AB rubber through ROHS and other safety certification.

Comply with the industrial safety certification, please rest assured to use.

Can Kanglibang AB glue oca-6 stick to plastic?

Of course canbe .

Often used for bonding PET plastic protective film.

Can Kanglibang AB glue withstand high temperature?

How much temperature can it withstand?

Kanglibang high temperature AB adhesive OCA curing at 80 degrees, temperature resistance 80 degrees

What Kanglibang AB uses for?

Toughened glass film protective film bonding, optical film bonding, glass protective film bonding.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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